seeing the life force return animal dead or hibernating

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this is a tad bit weird but a few months ago a flatmate found a near dead or dead lizard in a school book he is afraid of roaches ect and when he found it threw it on the floor in the hall i thought he was going to stomp on it for a second. so being a lover of all creatures and life. i found a little dish put water on it as it was dry and dehydrated and left it to see what happened it was not long maybe ten minuets or less. it came to life so you say not so amazing but that's not it. what i saw was something i have never seen before in all my 52 yrs something new.

I saw the life return to this lizard it was a clear liquid that ran through or over it and it changed from dead to alive even though not moving i knew it wasn't dead. but it was not a clear liquid or water that is how my brain interpreted it as it was new my eyes and brain were not able to interpret what i saw. I saw the life force or spirit or soul who knows return tho a lizard question is mostly did i bring it back or just the life return as it came back from hibernation it didn't actually move or open its eyes for a further fifteen minuets but i knew it was alive. not keeping it i immediately put it out in the garden in a safe place and never saw it again.

this whole thing knocked my socks off to put it lightly

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