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Nocturne's Angel
5 years ago
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If you've already had your attunements you may want to contact the Center for Reiki for governs the Reiki Certification.

Not sure if you are following & using William Rand's books, etc. but whether you are using his or whomever company the place that you received your classes & attunements from was certified through should be able to certify & attune you,

I understand that you have already received the Master Attunement & have been actively working with Reiki Energy & Healing, but many places will still require you to have a follow up/refresher attunement through them in order to certify you.

It's basically their seal of approval before giving you the formal signed paper.

Think of it as a Baptism or a Marriage, etc. you go through the Committal Ritual Service not just sign & stamp a piece of paper.

This is just from my experience, you may be able to find someone who will write you up a Certificate without requiring an Attunement.

My advice would be to check your Manuals & contact the company listed on them for assistance.

Best Wishes <3

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