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You know what, I completely agree. But it could be because I haven't purchased any crystals yet but have planned to. If they help, then use them. I was talking to a friend today about antidepressants and she was telling me the benefits of using them and I told her I guess I don't have depression, the people around me may have it and I realized I'm pretty much ok and at peace with myself. It's others that causes my tantrums and or sadness. It's not mine. I understand some people have to have meds and other things in their life to cope but I'm not one of them. I have choose love over hate. Sometimes you have to stop and think "is this my feelings or the chaos around me" and usually it's the chaos. And meds will not stop that. You just have to try to remove the chaos instead of medicating your self to handle the choas. But like I said some needs the meds due to chemical imbalances.But if crystals can amplify my peace and love then I would use them. I guess I will have to find that out on my own.A lot of people don't understand love and peace. That don't mean your a happy camper all the time but when conflict appears you hit it head on and keep going. You don't stop and take a vacation there. You move on. And that's hard for alot of people, it was for me until I joined this forum and learned the skills to move on. I use to think I was responsible for every ones happiness but I'm not. Just mine.Ok. I'm done know. Thank you for pointing that out.

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