How does an empath heal?

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First of all, excuse my Language and Choice of Words if they aren't correct. I am from Norway, and I don' Write much English, unless I help my kids With their homework :) :).

There aren't much information in Norway about empaths, so I turn to all of you :).

I have noe "education" when it comes to healing. But somethimes, when my children are sick or heartbroken, have had a bad dream etc I try to help them. This is how i FEAL that I am healing them, but it is based on feelings and my own intuiton... If my daugther has fex had a really bad dream, is afraid of it, I put my right hand on her heart (or anothet Place I feel is correct). I then vizualice that I drain whatever is hurtful into my arm. I can sense stings and sometimes pain in my arm. Sometimes I put my left arm at another Placeof her body (regardless of where). And I kind of feel that I pull out the bad energy, and give her positive/balanced (?) energy back. Sometimes it is as if I just pull out the bad or painful energy. I feel it as if I have to Close my hand, so that it doesn't go back to her. I feel it as if I Breathe out the bad energy and let go of it, on her behalf... I always see that my kids feel better afterwords. I feel it as if can tranform myself (or my hand)to a magnet, and drain out all the bad stuff... Don't misunderstand me, it is just a Picture I use. But I also feel as if I have somekind of a Choice here: I can either choose to drain out the bad stuff. Or I can choose to drain forth the good stuff (in a person who acts pretty negative, but has alot of good qualities), then some of the negative energy has to let go...

I also work as a nurse. From time to time, my hands react. If I am around cancerpatients or very sick patients, my hands gets really warm. I have tried to help some of them by putting my hands on them. I don't want any arguments about healing another person without their concent, I just use my intuition. Patients I have helped, has had fex serious Alzheimers...

I have read about healing. That you should visualize a light going through Your Crown chakra ect... But it just feels wrong, to me... I once saw "Psycic children", it was american, I think. I don't remember the name. There was a clearvoiant girl, who also was an empath. Her mother described that her daughter had a healing gift. And because she was an empath, se drained out the bad energy from the person who needed help, and transformed it within herself. And then she let it go. This it just about how i feel... But I can't find any litterature about such a way to heal.

Anyone who can relate to my story? And maybe give me some hints? Because I feel it as if I am sometimes healing, without even beeing aware of it. I just feel drained afterwords... I have this deep wish (like so many other empaths) to be able to just take away the bad stuff, to heal the pain...

Thank you so much for Reading my story!! I Guess it is full of strange Words or something...

Hopeful :)

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Trevor Lewis
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Hi Hopeful,

Sounds like you should be teaching others to heal!

You are obviously a natural! ... with a great deal of understanding!

No arguments from me about healing another person without their consent. I normally would for most people under other circumstances but you are a nurse working in a hospital. You are there to help people to heal! And if you are willing to "ask" if it appropriate for each patient, then great!

So my question is about feeling drained. Are you connecting up (to Source, God, the Divine, Universal energy) and connecting down (into the Earth) before during and after you heal other people?

If not, then this is probably why you are feeling so drained. You are using your own energy not Universal energy.

If you are connecting up and down and still feeling drained, Hmmmmm. We'll talk more.

Welcome here to the EC!



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Your words are good and clear. It is easy to understand what you wish to say. So congratulations on your good english.

I have to agree with Trevor you are a natural empath healer. Good for you with allowing yourself to trust in your own instincts and do what feels right, because it is right. It does help them and does heal.

Just understand that all healing may not cure the cancer, or other illnesses that the person is suffering from, you maybe feeling and healing much deeper problems and giving them comfort from pain, or guilt, or other problems that are in the way of their own body processing their illness. This in itself is so important to do and clearly you can "feel" the need when it is there.

There are many ways to let the bad stuff flow through you and into the world. Learning how to do this will help you not feel so drained after you heal and will help you stay in balance daily. So you can go on healing when you choose to do so.

I am sure you are also being drained from just picking up on the feelings of others as you walk through the day. So finding ways to renew yourself and to shield yourself from such bombardments would also help. Check out the link at the top of this page for "free empath training" as there you will find ways to put up shields that will help you.

You are doing well in what you have chosen to do and the world needs people like you.

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Thank you for your answer. I do believe in God, but I feel that my beliefs have changed much the last ten years. So I am connected, that way, yes. But it is as if I am more drawn to the Earth energy, in a way... To much "crownactivity" makes me very ungrounded, and I have difficulties getting my feet back on the ground... Maybe I do use my own energy, I haven't thought about it like that... The ability har nearly slept a few years ... But now I feel the need to learn more... And I will take a course, when the time is ready...I have a feelingthat my abilities are waking up, in a way...

Again. Thank you.

Hopeful :).

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Thank you for your answer. It has been years since I "used" my ability at work, put my hands on someone. And I have just tried in "small ways". I don't think that I can cure cancer, I just react at their severe illness, but I do believe that I could help with fex anxiety, pain... At least I think so.

With my deep, natural, inner wish to help and just take away the pain, I suspect that parts of me starts healing... I try not to send any healing at work, because I get nearly dizzy, ungrounded and tired. I have many patients to help, and I must be alert, in a way...

But... I know that I sometimes have been very upset about a patients situation, feeling very deeply for this patient ( a very sick patient with Parkinson, in this case), really taking the jobb with me home... My mind spinned around her for days. And all of a sudden, the woman became amazingly better for a long, long time. All of us were very surprised, didn't see that coming, so to speak...

Therefor, I suspect that I did heal her... But it was not intentionally, to use my abilities was not in my mind... So, I don't seem to just pick up feelingsunintentionally, Ialso seem to healunintentionally...

I do pick up much during the day, but it is much better now. Before I heard about empaths, I was soaked with other peoples enery. Did not know what was mine, feeling confused and tired all the time!! I shall read about the empath training, I know that I have much to learn! And when the time is ready, I shall take a healing course.

Again. Thank u.

Hopeful :)

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I think you are a natural healer. If you are getting drained from healing, it's probably because you are using your energy instead of the Source energy to heal. To not get as tired, visualize the Source energy coming through you instead of just using your own energy.Love and Light,Madeline

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