Healing energy in the home.

Gin S
Gin S
5 years ago
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I have never gotten a flu shot, ever. It is funny though that no one living with me has ever gotten a flu worse then the 24 hour flu including myself, even when I was a child. Also for the last year or two our flus have been even milder.When the flu goes around the school my kids usually will throw up once, get a bit of the runs and it is over.I keep hearing from people about these horrible flus they had that lasted like a week but that has never happened in my home. We don't tend to get sick as often either.I feed my family really healthy, my kids are lucky when they get juice let alone sodas. They do get things like fun fruits and such because I don't want them eyeing the other kids snacks at school and thinking they are gettingripped off, lol. I wasn't fed so healthy as a child though so that wouldn'tfit for back then.I do have a good collection of crystals in my house but again I didn't have those as a child.Maybe I am a healer. Honestly I hadnever concidered the possibility before.I started going healthier with medicines toosuch as using herbs, bfr, etc because they have made meds taste too good that my kids were faking being sick. The would complain about earaches to get antibiotics so I started treating it with garlic and olive oil drops. Amazingly the ear pain would be gone after one dose. I don't know if a single one of those earaches were real though to know if it does cure them, lol. I'm not sure if I am a psychic healer but Ido tryto healthrough tools. I think I would have made a good shaman had I been born at the right time and place.Is it possible for someone to unconciously improve illness by just being in the same house?

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