Am I considered to be an energy healer if I use this method to heal?

3 years ago
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Since being an Empath, I generally am able to feel emotions and energies around me.

I can feel or sense energies through my hands and my forehead, so I thought of creating healing energies through it and possibly help others this way.

Then, when I searched on the net about "energy healer", the result was about reiki and that we need a real teacher instead of online lessons.

Still, I know I can use my gifts to send healing energies to help people, but I just don't know the name for it.

By the way, what does a "healer empath" mean?

Is it an Empath who can heal, or use a specific method to heal?

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3 years ago
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Healing is just a step in the Path we all must take. I personally use Reiki for this and more than just Reiki. Its interesting to note how the energies work on each situation. Ask for guidance from your higher self on all these matters.

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