How do you handle being "in the closet"?

4 years ago
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It's starting to be a drag for me and it's getting harder having no one in my life to talk to about how I really am versus what they see or would like to see in me. My empathic gifts and all others that came with it have become stronger and I think that's what makes it harder that I have no one to relate to. Not in my "real" life. And Anyone I open up about anything empath related, even it's just small stuff, people look at me like a freak. I just feel like a fake going on pretending I'm "normal".

How does everyone else handle it or "survive" with it?

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4 years ago
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You are normal!You are an normal empath!This is a gift like any other...if for example you had a divine voice would you consider yourself weird?no!

Most of our friends do not understand but If they love us they will accept us. It is hard not havind a friend to understand you and for me it was not only this problem but the problem that I only had "friends" that were energy vampires...and be careful because they are drawned to us like flies!!You will find your people but it might take some time, try talking to your family if possible and ask the Universe for some guidance

The Importance of Being Jonny
The Importance of Being Jonny
4 years ago
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I try to have normalcy in my life by doing volunteer work but even there, I'm someone special that people just want to be around and talk to. And when they aren't doing that, they all want my help. I try to blend in as a normal person but it doesn't work because something abnormal always happens to me wherever I am and that frustrates me. No one in my life knows about the real me, some may simply have an understanding that I am special to them as they all have mentioned to me. My boss and a friend of hers had commented how I feel so peaceful to be around. So even in "normal" situations, people still treat me like I'm different.

How do I handle it? I don't I guess. I don't have people in my real life to talk to about this. So I keep this part of myself private cuz imagine how I would be treated if they not only knew the truth, but felt it was something that was freakish. I already feel like a huge freak. I don't need people treating me like I am. How do I survive it? I just live life. That's all you can do. One thing I've learned about empaths is that we are built strong. We may endure tons of abuse over the course of our lives, but we bounce back and survive. That's all we can do.

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The community has been a great place to feel whole. I think many that found their way here feel just as you do. I had to accept that many people would not understand. I use many feeling words to express myself. I will also joke more about what I see rather than trying to push what I am on people. If you asked the people close to me.. they would tell you I am weird.. when I am inspired to speak I will allow it to come out.. and you will find that I will smile and say.. "wasn't that crazy!!". You will find your niche and the best way for you to express yourself. Some hold it all in.. I think that was one of the biggest reasons why most feel I am holding back.. they aren't sure why.. but they will openly say it.. and I will admit jokingly that they are simply not ready to hear what I have to say! It is a balance depending on where you live.. your history.. family.. friends. You are among those that understand your struggle and live through it each day.... in good company. As you learn and grow you will discover that your path will lead you exactly where you need to go.. and you will also find it will get easier to communicate. Who knows.. I had a friend that had to tell me what I was.. I had no idea what she was talking about. When she called me on it the last time.. I decided to look into it and found my way here. Ask me if I remember exactly how.. I would say no. Thank you for sharing your feelings and anxieties about how to live in a world that is slow to accept change and just know that you are not alone.

Light and Love,


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