What's new in the Empath Community? February 2014

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3 years ago
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Empath Community

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eliseTalk to your Spirit Guides
- Elise
Having a hard time hearing your spirit guides ? Talk to them directly through an unconscious medium to get a clear, private conversations with them. Register

psychic developmentPsychic Classes
- Amaya

These classes will help you build the skills to tune into the information you want, and tune out the information you dont.
Youll learn valuable techniques and tips that are so powerful and practical, youll find yourself using them every day, like I do!
New classes: 02/01, 02/02, 02/22 and 02/23 Register

Message From Elise
Since empaths tend to get overwhelmed around people, it's tempting to become a recluse...which can lead to isolation. Fortunately, you can always post on the Empath Community to get help, advice and support from our members. Keep in mind that it's a lot harder to go through this alone, so make sure you post in our forums, or our special interest groups, or talk to someone about what's happening to you!

Energy Healing Session for Empaths

energy healingAre you always taking care of everyone around you? Finally, here's your chance to let Elise take care of you! Register for a free healing session over a conference call and work on any physical symptom that is troubling you.

: Wednesday January 29th at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
Register now

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Thanks Nocturne's Angel!


In love,
Elise and the Mods

updated by @eliselebeau: 01/18/17 11:06:56AM
3 years ago
414 posts

Woohooo! I love being able to wow people ;)

It felt unreal to me too the first time, I had an energy healing session...

3 years ago
414 posts

Awwww Kat this is awesome news! You just made my day :)

Honestly, I don't know how I do it either. It just "happened" to me...But nothing makes me happier than putting my gift to good use!

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