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Kate T
Kate T
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Hello all!

I have always had these questions that never seemed to leave me since i was little: it is not only about the energy shifts and how "my head suddenly becomes a much noisier and restless place" whenever i return to the city from a vacation in the mountains from my region (where you have to search looong for a telephone signal! :)) an amazing area nontheless, with great biodiversity, just a little populated, house situated between 2 villages, near the forest, near a river... ; but also when spending prolonged times in front of a computer (and the feeling in the region of the pineal gland...). My body has always been sensible to energies and stuff (I'm very good with animals too :D and with children) but crowds, noisyness and the different energy of rooms/houses/places have always been a great concern to me because i could sense them easily while the others (friends, parents, family friends) had no clue about why i was feeling in a certain way (and i had no clue either so it was a constant struggle in trying to fight all the feelings, images, ideas or to accept &develop it)

The amount of stuff i can though sometimes extents to another level: i can think of someone (usually works with close friends or people that i have an affinty with) and get diffuse information about him/her. This is especially true in relationships, where the rapidity with which we exchange thoughts and realise what the other has to say or what he's thinking is amazing, sometimes.

This intuition also made itself known at school where, well, my classmates started joking about it at one point ;)) My parents joke about it too, though i try to keep my researches more "secret"... not too many people understand :( And i put importance on my image, i worked hard with my ego... Anyway, i put great importance on school, so, yeah...

Yet again, i've always been a little scared of it and always tried to control everything in my life: what i eat, when i sleep, what kind of people i choose to have by my side... and it had been of a huge and a huge disadvantage at the same time: i kind of needed the quietness. On the other hand, i'm extremely self-conscious, i know when there is a problem inside my body, when i am going to catch a flu (and i usually feel how my mother is feeling too) although i don't get sick too often. (i mostly provoke it myself, such as innapropriate winter clothing, staying in draft and not caring about it ;)) i am pretty reckless with my health).

But I am telling these things because i wanted to illustrate the nature of my questions a little more: I have always been very aware, of others and of myself (sometimes more of others than of myself) and even when i was little and had no clue on a conscious level about all these thinsg about empathy, spirituality, healing, eastern arts & co, certain elements didn't pass the test of substantiality in my mind: some explanations provided by your average person weren't enough to explain all that i felt was happening, so i started delving for answers. This branch has provided them and actually improved my life (in a way... but in another, it's hard maintaining a balance... and suffering certain types of people or situations has become harder than before, as i cannot lie to myself that a certain situation isn't harmful...)

So this is why i believe that there is something behind the energy shifts i constantly feel when doing a thing or another.

What is behind these devices that harm us (monitors-simply the radiations?-, radio signals& co)?

How can we protect our Pineal Gland, being one of the most exposed to the things mentioned above?

Has anyone ever thought about how much "denser" the air and "atmosphere" in a city seemed to be even 60 years ago? And in a good way, in the sense that it was more natural and relaxing, less tensed, less bulked with radio signals, although, i don't know, that was just my feeling that i got when comparing an old photo of my city with a new one, and it was for a project, but the difference simply hit me.

I have very strange feelings when changing the direction i sleep to, and i didn't use to have it before: i just tend to have a stable sleeping direction to the south which i instincitvely stick to...

Ever singed songs which turn out to be playing at the local radio/TV? Or have a song in your head and suddenly a classmates starts singing it? It did happen to me enough times to observe, that, well, it wasn't only once or twice by luck.

Ever sensed earthquakes? Ah, the joy of living in a seismical area...

OR ever sensed trends and ideas among a society? :) I had the luck to travel to a couple of foreign countries, and, man, the different feelings and values! Or hobbies and ideas, and drawings that i had/made when i was little and i wished i could put in practice, but only now are the subjects of the ideas i had starting to make a "boom" or get noticed by people as something to be taken into consideration... :( and not the drawings, but the idea in itself, becoming more mediatised... Oh, and my age is 18. Talk about trying to maintain boundaries... :)) So yeah, these are my questions... sorry for the long post, again!

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Hi Kate

I am including some links from the Library of Inspiration that you may find interesting.

I am including some links from the Library of Inspiration that you may find useful.

Indigo and Crystal People

Signs of Angels in Your Life

11:11 / Lightworker

The Correcting Time

Angels and You

Regarding energy fluctuations this also has to do with the common thought energies of the area that you live in. Everything is energy. Thoughts are just as real as the shoes on your feet and carry a lot of energy. You should now start to see yourself from a higher vantage point. By that I mean you should see yourself not as an American female named Kate, but as an eternal spiritual energy that is infused into this body. You are the water and notthe sponge. You are eternal and not X number of years old. It can be difficult for those of us who are awaketo live amongthose who are "normal". They do not feel the world like we do.We operate on adifferent frequency and literally walk in twoworlds simultaneously; the spiritual and the material. I often have had others start to sing a song that I am thinking and have had a song "stuck" in my head for a whole day. More often then not it has to do with a message that we should consider. There are and will be a greater number of "coincidences" in your life as the spiritual realm becomes more intensely intertwined with this frequency. Do not be alarmed about what you can pick up and relay to others. Think of it like you have a radio that picks up more than one channel; whereas most "normal" people can only hear the one station. Talking to non empaths about what we are able to feel is like trying to describe color to a world that only sees black, white, and shades of grey. Now think of it from their viewpoint if someone came up and started talking about yellow, blue and red. That is when you get the rolling eye syndrome and the nervous smiles. Many, many members have been down that path. It is essentially a waste of your time and energy. Here at the EC we KNOW exactly what you are experiencing and it is very, very real. I work with angels on a daily basis and have had some unique and extremely beautiful interactions with the LIGHT. Here at the EC you will always be treated with kindness, compassion, understanding and, most importantly LOVE.

You may also wish to join the Teen group here at the EC as they may share things that are pertinent to your generation. If you ever wish to chat there are many other topics at the Library that can providemore information to you. If you ever wish to PM me that is fine as well.I am always here and will always answer.

Throw some love into the wind.


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