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4 years ago
117 posts
I feel so lost, in a way I've lost my son. The way things are going he won't remember me when he gets older. His mother moved on and I can't see him. I feel cut off from the world, like an empty shell. I haven't stopped crying since I got off the phone with him and he didn't recognize my voice. Sad to say my son was the biggest source of love in my heart, I can't keep feeling like this. I can't go on like this. I can't feel the love of the holiday, I just can't feel anything but overwhelming pain.
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4 years ago
116 posts

I am really sorry, Chris, truly, but hold on. The pain is there for a reason, and when you can get back up, and it may be a while, you can work to make it better, work it out. You'll have to figure that one out. But you can, in time. Love to you.

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