Visiting Family

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4 years ago
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No matter how much stronger I become as an empath and how at peace I am usually, visiting family is so difficult. Especially my husbands family. I feel like as soon as we walk in the door my energy gets sucked out of me and replaced with gloomy thick stagnant energy. I can't focus on shielding or being in my happy place because I'm constantly on edge saving my son from the non baby proof houses. I'm constantly questioned and it's obvious I think very differently from them all. It's such a bummer because every time I come with high hopes and by the end of the day I want to crawl into a small hole until it's time to go home.It effects all my relationships with them but the few that understand me. It'd be so much easier if I could just fake it but I've never been able to do that.Does anyone have these experiences?Any advice?Love & LightDCP
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4 years ago
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We visited my fiance's family last month. While I love them and don't want to sound ungrateful for their hospitality, I had a hard time being myself, feeling my energy, focusing, etc. I wasn't sure if it was the different environment, different weather, or just too much distraction. His parents are hoarders so I am sure there was stagnant energy there. I work with the elderly so it was hard not to notice all the little things that posed a danger to them but they would have been offended if I suggested anything different. They are in denial about a lot. They like to go out to eat every day as well and eating pastries daily for breakfast as well as restaurant food for dinner takes its toll on me as well. I prefer home cooked or fresh food. My fiance has a cousin who talks nonstop and I can't tell you how good it felt to get away for twenty minutes to meditate and release. That was the only time I was able to do it. So, yes I am sure most of us have these experiences being out of our element. My advice would be to talk to them ahead of time about baby proofing. That would be a load off. I would also have a schedule of some kind with the baby such as nap time and I would use that time to meditate or relax away from everyone. Who cares if you are called unsocial. You know what you need. :)

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