Health and Wellness Center Goal: Wild Willow

Christina Rogers
Christina Rogers
5 years ago
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Good Morning All,
I am writing to share a new dream, to see if any of you would have interest in joining in one way or another.

I have lost three friends to cancer in as many months. I spent time talking with them about pain management and processing themselves for their next station. It was sad to see how quickly they had decided to pass away. Many of them, it was because no one wants to go through chemo a second time.
My grandfather, too, died of cancer.
Though I am proud to say my grandmother has raised over 1,000,000.00 for cancer research in the UK, I am ashamed at how little I have contributed. Sure, I send funds to campaigns my friends run for etc., but I want to do something special.

I want to create a very special space where clients/patients may come for Reiki, Meditation, and Music. I want it to be Fairy Forest themed. A green/lush room full of overly sized flowers, bugs, and plants. At first I wanted it to be a Burning Man camp, but I believe this purpose for it may serve the world better.

This is my new dream, goal, and driving force. If you have any advice on creating a reality, I welcome guidance from you: my family and friends.


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Bill Walker
Bill Walker
5 years ago
742 posts

My advice, don't over think it, if you have a dream just follow your first impulse and see where that leads. Often times dreams like this will take you right to what needs to be done next. It's a great dream, follow it!!!!


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