Becoming a balanced empath in 4 simple steps

5 years ago
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I have been working on my resource page for Empathsfor over 8 years now. And it has gone through a lot of "improvements", some better than others.

Recently, I started to feel that it was easy to get lost in all the "resources" to the point where you don't really know where to start.

Empaths are usually overwhelmed in the beginning and I really want to make it easy for them to figure this out, one step at a time. So I came up with this simple strategy:



You're already doing 4) which is about connecting to other empaths, but I wonder if you have gone through steps 1 to 3?

What helped you get through these different stages?

How do you feel about this strategy? Would it have helped you when you realized that you were an Empath?

These are the specific ways I recommend to move through this process:

I'd love to hear about your experience!

in love,


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