What's New in the Empath Community? November 2013

5 years ago
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Do you have questions about love, life or relationships?

Want to know more about your spiritual gift? Ask the Angels!
I use Doreen Virtue's Archangel Oracle Card Deck to help receive the messages the Angels have for you.

psychic development

by Amaya

Foundations One: Introduction to being psychic. Clairvoyance practice session. Only 7 spots.

Foundation Two: Overview of all the clair experiences. Labels and tools. Practice session. Only 7 spots.

Message From Elise

Elise Since out web site is build on YOUR contribution, we award badges of honor to our super start members. This is what they mean:

supercontributorThe Super Contributor Badge: members who have significantly contributed to the EC.
supporterThe Supporter Badge : members who have generously donated to the Empath Community.
readerThe Private Reader Badge: members of the Empath Community who are providing private readings in the Made By Empath store.

Energy Healing Session for Empaths
The Empath Community is offering you a unique opportunity to experience the power of energy healing this month! Join Elise for a deeply transforming session of energy work on those stubborn physical symptom of illness that haven't responded to traditional treatment.

: Wednesday November 13th at 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
Instructions: Empath Healing Event

supercontributor Super Contributors - Thank you!

Super Contributors are the life line of our community. They lend a helping hand to new members, answers questions and post comments. You can recognize them by their "heart" badge.

Thanks Chuck!

In love,
Elise and the Mods

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Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
5 years ago
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Bumping this so that Everyone can get a chance to read this month's Newsletter :)

Bill Walker
Bill Walker
5 years ago
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Elise, there are quite a few High School and College students on this site who have expressed difficulty with school and being/discovering that they are empaths, why not set up a tutoring group where younger struggling emapths can be united with older empaths in there fields of interest? You might even be able to set up a fee system that will help you collect some funding for this site!

Just a thought!

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