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We all sometimes feel like mysteries to ourselves--are you interested in understanding your personality and instincts in greater depth? Would you like a little more insight into your life path?

I will focus on a specific topic if you choose, or will provide a general reading of your natal astrological chart and will answer a reasonable number of follow-up questions.

Message From Elise

Elise Dear empath,
Do you know that it's really important to take care of yourself first? It's so easy for us to lose ourselves in other people's emotions...but we can't help anyone if we are overwhelmed.

So take the time today to "turn down the volume" (Technique 1 of the Empath Survival Program) or soak in an Epsom or Sea salt bath to cleanse your energy.

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Our online classes will offer an exciting curriculum to help you develop all your spiritual skills.

Psychic Development by Amaya
Foundations One class: October 12 2013 and October 13 2013
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In love,
Elise and the Mods

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Bill Walker
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Is there an address that we can just send a cash donation too for this site's benefit?

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Thanks Bill, we only take Paypal donations at this time :)

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