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4 years ago
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I am curious about the emotions I get when I am in a crowded place. Last week I went food shopping at a new store. It is a very large place, I estimated there were at least 900 to 1200 people shopping there with me. I've noticed that immediately within the first few minutes of being in the building did I get very agitated, anxious and angry. It got to the point where I just ended up leaving the store, running to get out of there. Always when I am in a crowded place, I get these feelings and it really upsets me. I would be very appreciative and happy to have someone guide me in the right direction to protect and ground myself before I attempt this again. Love You All !!! And a huge thanks !!!ScottyP.s. I went straight to a place where I know I can calm down. It's called castle island in south Boston, I just went to the dock and stared at the ocean for an hour.
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4 years ago
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Love how the ocean dose that and yes on it is an empath thing
4 years ago
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I'm with Stephen as I try to go shopping after hours. And like Tina, it helps if I shop with my significant other- then I can focus on him. It doesn't always work though. I get anxious and really bad headaches if I stay in the store too long so I try to get in and out as quick as possible. Sometimes I hold a crystal in my hand while I shop-that seems to calm me.
Gin S
4 years ago
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I much prefer online shopping. I can spend more time thinking about what I want and have stores from all over the world at my fingertips without anyone elses emotions flooding me while I shop. I am working on grounding and shielding too but I have never been very good at visualizing so it is slow work.

Nocturne's Angel
4 years ago
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Hi Scotty,

Have you tried Grounding, Shielding or Cleansing your Energy right before you leave to go shopping or even while you are in the store, on your way, etc. ?

It can be as simple as rolling down the window & letting some fresh air hit your face, splashing water on your face, washing your hands, chewing a piece of gum or a mint, etc.

You might also find this odd, but do you have a place that makes you feel safe & very serene?

It could be a room in your home, your back porch, a beach, your backyard, a favorite place to eat, etc.

If you do, you might want to try this:

Take something from that place where you feel safe & at peace & carry it with you.

It could be a piece of the ground(dirt, earth, gravel cement, brick, limestone, etc.) You can place the loose dirt, etc. in a small baggie or tiny container & carry it in your pocket , a seashell, a coin, a dollar bill, a postage stamp, a stone, a book of matches, a napkin, a business card, a marble, etc.

If you haven't used the Empath Survival Program, you may want to take a look at it.

I hope you find relief soon,


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