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Kate T
Kate T
5 years ago
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I've heard before of artificial factors that can affect the thought power/brain capacity of people on a large scale, but what about naturally "deficient" cities/areas, those with a predilection towards nastier energies building up due to geographical position or who knows what other factors? (anyone is more than welcomed to insert here their own observations and thoughts about what other factors there could be!)

Do you believe in them, has anyone actually made studies based on such observations? (decrease of happiness, difficulty in practicing energy-based alternative healings, problems with "inspiration" and "concentration" as far as arists -people that base their job on inspiration and "relativity"- are concerned, at least?)

Because i really can't seem so escape such thoughts and feelings about the town i was born in, and i am unable to find a solution to solve my problems, which actually start a slow naturally healing process everytime i go away, somewhere else (I had the chance to travel to other towns/countries during holidays since i was little, and with my general highened sensitivity, i started seeing patterns, like, 5-6 years ago)

The problem is, the more i want to solve the situation and find an escape or make a tactic for me to work and bear it, the more complicated and tangled the situation gets, and i find myself "diving" into an abyss of nasty things about people and loosing my energy, time, and concentration with such thoughts and attitude changes while nothing actually gets solved.

What i feel when i return here from other places? Restraint, too much density of negative thoughts... incidentaly, there are a number of 5 badly mentally ill people who need special attention that happen to live within 50 metres from my apartment, in the same area... we kind of got used to them, poor people, but nontheless, may they be affected too by the same thing? (i live in the centre of the town too!)

I am also too tuned into others, maybe more than into myself in the last period, and my head hurts most of the day. I cannot relax even in sleep (here, i may have a problem, i know :( ) though i'm only 17 y old, and i wished so much that i could actually forget about all these insane things and just concentrate on my life and clearing my path forward, which i feel, again, opressed from doing, and i can't find a logical reason to explain it, other than putting the fault on the influx of negative things coming from others)

But maybe i'm putting the fault on somethings else... though these are my thoughts and i was wondering if anyone happened to see similar patterns/happenings in certain areas?

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