Is this a general empath thing?

5 years ago
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I have a problem putting myself before others. People tell me that I need to do something for me but I can't help but feel extremely selfish not considering others. I take time to myself to center or ground myself and keep from going to an emotional extreme, but even then other people and there issues enter my world. I can't help but feel for them. I know that everyone has their limit and will do something for themselves. But I just wonder is it an empath thing to put others first, until that sanity breaking limit is reached?
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Gin S
Gin S
5 years ago
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I have always put others first. I have had to learn to be a bit selfish because I can't help others if I don't take care of myself as well. I ended up totally burnt out trying to care for everyone except me so now I have to take care of me too or I have nothing left to give.

5 years ago
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There was a time in my life when I thought and felt the same as you do now. I thought that once I was done being there for others, then it was time to focus on myself. But that was not the case. After I had finished assisting others, be it healing, etc, I ended up accidentally absorbing everything around me. I ended up becoming not only physically exhausted, but emotionally and spiritually exhausted as well. It was at that time when one of my spirit guides informed that in order for me to continue to help those in need, I had to first help myself, otherwise I was of no use to any living being which included myself.

So I mention this now to you. It is not selfish to help yourself first before others for you cannot be there for others if you are not at your best or at full strength yourself.

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