Just Had an Amazing Empathic Experience with touch of the Paranormal

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4 years ago
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Wow! Sometimes something happens and it takes your breath away. That moment of clarity when all the dots connect and you realize what the empathic experience was all about. Sometimes it's about nothing....This time it was quite wonderful.

Yesterday, I woke up with the strangest sense of vertigo and nausea. I had plans for the day but I had to lie down. While lying down because of the vertigo I watched *Super Nanny* even though I never watched it before. (if anything I mocked it as another one of *those shows*.) But it caught my eye and I was drawn to it. Kind'a mesmerized.

Anyhoooo....there has been a terribly tense situation in my family recently -- VERY tense -- A person who can easily snap while under stress was under MUCHO stress and a battle of rage just errupted all over my day. I had been praying for a solution to this problem as it has been happening a lot and building. But as frustrating as this person is they are also very fragile. -- Past traumas in her life make her extremely vulnerable. -- So while I didn't want to enable her by letting her continue to treat me that way, (controlling people's lives by controlling their moods.) -- I had to pray pray pray for a way. Because I know she has potential to hurt herself in the worst way. And I didn't want that. How to find that balance to get her back to calm.

Then today she *errupted* again angry letters the constant texts. Loooooooong letters. And I just kept telling her to *calm down* I let her know firmly when she calms down then we will have the conversation she wants, but only with a third party present. She was rabid. But I stood firm even as I was letting her know not to feel threatened by anything she *thinks* is going on , because everyone loves her, but this conversation will NOT take place until she calms down. Well...she didn't calm down, but I felt the air change. This conversation went on until it was time to end it once and for all, and I did. But the right results were achieved. for the moment. This is anxiety at disease level and nothing happens *quickly*. So for now at least the healthy boundaries were set.

Anyway, I felt better. -- But afterwards I was pretty puzzled about where I got the calm reserve and calm tone from because this girl was insulting me left and right .) Rock steady patience , firm but kind tone/ just the *right words* at the right time. I had become the "Super Nanny!" I laughed out loud, and that's when my pregnant niece called -- She who I call my *angel* for more reasons than just affection -- And she called at *Just the right time.* She told me SHE had been feeling nausea and vertigo the day before at exactly same time I was. Which is exactly why I ended up watching Super Nanny in the first place. She was the empathic connection . She was the *angel* that led me there.
Then it hit me , I remembered I had a strange moment earlier in the day when there had been some odd electronic stuff going on ( you know when it's Odd by its timing). at the same time I was getting a deep spiritual sense of presence. I considered it might be the warmth and glow of a *friend in the room* but then I forgot about it.
that's when it hit me and I realized it was my nieces FATHER.

Its a sad story so I'll spare you the details, but I never left her side during the period of his passing a few years before which was an EXTREMELY difficult situation for her, because of details that are not mine to give away). -- I asked out loud "was that you" did you shine her condition on me to help me with my problem. (Super Nanny, who knew) Half of me was joking, but just as the thought passed through my head (and I think I said it out loud) My eye *winked* . Not a blink. I felt something make my eye wink. ( I think that rascal empathically winked at me with my own eye) !!!
Can't explain but I know it was him. I said it again *is that you* and so help me a white light flashed in the corner of my room so that I jumped, filling me up with the message* *thank you for taking care of my baby* make sure she knows I know about her baby.

I don't understand everything about this empath stuff, but I do know that the same energy we *take in* from each other can come from spirit.
In a connect the dots pattern of empathetic connection my problem found a solution and a loving message to my beautiful niece came through. I put my obsessive *rage ranter* in the *calm down corner* and Peace returns to the mountain.
AFter that the stress of the day melted into joy.
These things don't happen to me a lot But this time it was the answer to my prayers....and I think maybe my nieces too. Can't wait to tell her. Thank God she's a believer.

I don't tell many about this *crossover* kind of empathing, lol.

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Nocturne's Angel
4 years ago
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Absolutely Phenomenal Rox!

It's so good to read news like this :)

It's also great to see you!



4 years ago
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Thank you, Josette!!!! I'm still amazed and astonished but I LOVE it. ;-)
Great to see you too!!

4 years ago
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Sorry to anyone who read this in its original version. I was typing so fast I really boggled the flow. I went in and cleaned it up.
Just wanted a recorded memory. And this is the place for EMPATH memories, now isn't it.
Thank God we have a place to talk about such things.

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