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As an empath, how do you feel about watching horror movies, specifically the ones based on true stories? Movies like the conjuring.
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Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
6 years ago
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I haven't gotten a chance to see The Conjuring yet, but from what others have told me it seems to be as close to the Actual Stories as Hollywood will allow. (smile)

Since I adore The Warrens' Work I will go see it; also because of my previous statement; if it was too Hollywood I wouldn't go.

I haven't watched The Dybbuk Box, simply because I don't find it to be of interest to me at this point in my life.

I will however watch Phantasm I & II over & over again, though I always put my hand out in front of me (in front of my face) when the bloody & gory parts occur.

As for a movie that I will at this point in my life state that I have no interest in ever watching again;

that would be The Unholy.

Most people don't even remember this movie, or thought it was an alright movie, but not really frightening, etc.

It had me in a state of frightened/shock that I cannot give a name.

I believe it is because of the fact that they told the story of a Temptress (Succubus) who lures Priests to their deaths, but somehow I know it's deeper than that.

Succubi don't really disturb me; this movie did.

When they started reciting an incantation/passage to get rid of the Succubus; out of the blue I began reciting it aloud.

It freaked the people I was with out; they knew I loved Scary Flicks, etc, so they though that I had this planned; but I didn't so I was just as freaked out that I would remember this incantation/passage from Sunday School, Church, etc. (They didn't believe me)

I was so freaked out that I when I went home, I called our neighbor (He's a Priest) and asked him about the incantation/passage; I wanted to know if it was something that was made up for the movie or if it was indeed real.

He told me that it was indeed real & confirmed that I must have remembered it from earlier Church or Sunday School Teachings.

I was 19 or 20 at the time & hadn't been to Sunday School for about 5 years or so.

So while I really can't figure out why a movie about a Succubus would frighten me to the point of never wanting to see it again, suffice to say that is one movie I will steer clear from for the near future.

I apologize for my lengthy ramble.

The Importance of Being Jonny
The Importance of Being Jonny
6 years ago
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I can't say that I watch horror movies often. I can't say what the last horror movie I sat down and watched was. But I do like me some supernatural tele which may include an episode that's gruesome and chilling. But, I dunno. I kinda like watching the horror. I've never been scared of it due to what I am. I don't "like" blood and gore, but I don't turn away from it either. So I'm on the fence it seems.

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