Horror movies

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4 years ago
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As an empath, how do you feel about watching horror movies, specifically the ones based on true stories? Movies like the conjuring.
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Nocturne's Angel
4 years ago
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I haven't gotten a chance to see The Conjuring yet, but from what others have told me it seems to be as close to the Actual Stories as Hollywood will allow. (smile)

Since I adore The Warrens' Work I will go see it; also because of my previous statement; if it was too Hollywood I wouldn't go.

I haven't watched The Dybbuk Box, simply because I don't find it to be of interest to me at this point in my life.

I will however watch Phantasm I & II over & over again, though I always put my hand out in front of me (in front of my face) when the bloody & gory parts occur.

As for a movie that I will at this point in my life state that I have no interest in ever watching again;

that would be The Unholy.

Most people don't even remember this movie, or thought it was an alright movie, but not really frightening, etc.

It had me in a state of frightened/shock that I cannot give a name.

I believe it is because of the fact that they told the story of a Temptress (Succubus) who lures Priests to their deaths, but somehow I know it's deeper than that.

Succubi don't really disturb me; this movie did.

When they started reciting an incantation/passage to get rid of the Succubus; out of the blue I began reciting it aloud.

It freaked the people I was with out; they knew I loved Scary Flicks, etc, so they though that I had this planned; but I didn't so I was just as freaked out that I would remember this incantation/passage from Sunday School, Church, etc. (They didn't believe me)

I was so freaked out that I when I went home, I called our neighbor (He's a Priest) and asked him about the incantation/passage; I wanted to know if it was something that was made up for the movie or if it was indeed real.

He told me that it was indeed real & confirmed that I must have remembered it from earlier Church or Sunday School Teachings.

I was 19 or 20 at the time & hadn't been to Sunday School for about 5 years or so.

So while I really can't figure out why a movie about a Succubus would frighten me to the point of never wanting to see it again, suffice to say that is one movie I will steer clear from for the near future.

I apologize for my lengthy ramble.

4 years ago
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Amityvill the shining the omen Scarry stuff but slasher stuff makes me ill. Like saw I try to imagine what kind of sick individual could dream up such things
4 years ago
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I cannot watch them nor can I be in listening distance of someone who watches those things. Things of that kind have made me violently ill before so I stay away from it all. I have to be careful of what I see of movies and the like anyway, if I watch anything at all, for it all affects me.

4 years ago
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I never liked horror movies and never whatch them naturaly. I've read that people who do research uncounsciously suffering as all who likes to be scared. When watching they put themselves in the place of the victims and thus endure some kind of same suffering even if it is only in their mind. You should ask yourself what are the reasons you like this as much. Personaly I prefer uplifthing movies than horror ones. I do feel a lot better. So why do you like to feel bad?

4 years ago
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I fibd your opinion a bit funny. I don't think an empath would need to see horror movies to feel closer to people who might suffer certain phobias or anxieties.

Unless being an empath have many different meaning, or that the empath is very inexperienced, it is something an empath would feel naturaly because it is in their nature to feel others. Horror movies are something showing negativity and we all have this enough in life without putting ouselves in a negative environment just for fun. The problem is more of an uncouncious nature since those who like or even love horror movies have a funny need for suffering or see suffering. But many will find many other reasons to say it's ok to like that kind of movies because their ego is helping them to find excuses for their wrongs so they can feel better continuing looking at negative movies.

The Importance of Being Jonny
4 years ago
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I can't say that I watch horror movies often. I can't say what the last horror movie I sat down and watched was. But I do like me some supernatural tele which may include an episode that's gruesome and chilling. But, I dunno. I kinda like watching the horror. I've never been scared of it due to what I am. I don't "like" blood and gore, but I don't turn away from it either. So I'm on the fence it seems.

4 years ago
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I'm with Romantok on this one. I prefer uplifting movies or movies where the character overcomes a challenge. I can't watch blood and gore. It doesn't give me nightmares but rather an uneasiness in my gut. Besides, I can watch the news for bad stuff....I don't even like watching television much.

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