Want to be in my book? Tell me how you use the Technique 1 in the Empath Survival Program

5 years ago
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I'm (finally) getting around to writing a book for empaths. One of my intentions is that anyone who reads it will find something that resonates with them. Although I talk about my own experiences, I would like the content to reflect not only what happened to me, but also what happened to all kinds of empaths in all kinds of situation.

That's why I'd like to hear about YOUR experiences. I want to include small snippets in certain chapter to broaden the range of what describes the empath experience.

PS: If I decide to use your post in my book, I will contact you directly to get your permissions. It can be done anonymously, signed with your Empath Community member name or with your real name. Your choice!

Soooooo, here's what I'm curious about:

What was your first experience using the Technique 1 in the Empath Survival Program?

How often do you use it to untangle yourself from the emotions of others?

Is there one particular time where you were blown away by the results?

Answer any of them, or all of them, or only one. Short paragraph or long story (that I may need to edit). I want to hear it all!

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5 years ago
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Elise you are opening a can of worms on this one.For technique 1 At first I was using it 4-5 times a day but was afraid to loose what I've just found. It works for me. Now I only use it when the feelings are over whelming. Like using aspirin I only take it after I get the headache.I have always justified why I am the way I am with what I thought was the reason. But being on the EC. Has shown me that its all connected that was the holy cow moment for me the puzzle pieces fit to make the picture clear. Great post.

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