What's New on the Empath Community? August 2013

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Message from Elise

It feels like being an Empath is always a "work in progress". We come and go through the good days and the bad ones. Some moments shine with a sense of finally understanding who we are, while others are overwhelming and discouraging.

It's in those dark moments that the Empath Community matters the most! Write a blog post to unburden your soul, join a new group to broaden your experience or greet a new member who needs to know she's not alone...

Super Contributors - Here's your badge!

Super Contributors are the life line of our community. They lend a helping hand to new members, answers questions, post comments and truly make us feel "at home". You can recognize them by their "heart" badge, since they truly are he heart of the EC.








Made By Empaths

The store is waiting for you! Whether you're wanting to become aprovideror you need help from one of ourprivate Empath readers,Made by Empathis connecting our members in a whole new way.

You can offer your services and hand made items, pick up a book written by one of our members or fill your home with original art work born from an Empath's perspective on the world!

We will be reviewing submissions to have your product/service in the store by August 21st (for inclusion in September). So send them in!

Featured Private Reading


Spiritual Counseling($29)

Everyone is intuitive. But we all run into dark corners where we need a little help finding clarity, especially when it comes to our spiritual journey. My readings describe what I pick up from you, through my empath and intuitive skills. Please note that I am not psychic and I cannot predict the future. But I can help revealblockages or obstacles so you can correct the present

in love,

Elise and the EC mods

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5 years ago
420 posts

That means they are a private reader for the Empath Community.

Badges are explained on the main page now (look on the right side).

heart_96x96.png?xn_version=173270351&widSuper Contributor

i_96x96.png?xn_version=794604047&width=3Private Reader


How do I get a badge?

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