What is your strongest connector?

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4 years ago
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I understand that as empaths we are naturally more sensitive, but how do you connect best? Is it just proximity, or is it by touch? Personally my strongest connector is the eyes, so much so that I try not to look in people's eyes so I don't "see" them. Not that it's an invasion of privacy, it's that I don't want to "know" them. Normal contact with people give me enough of a feeling from them. But the eyes are my problem, and I'm afraid that if someone looks into my eyes they'll "see" me. Even if they aren't an empath, there's been an incident where I've projected the result of my actions/feelings onto others. So if they can't "see" me in my eyes I fear I'll project myself onto them. And I honestly don't know what I am. Like all the pain and negativity I've feltfrom others is still in there, things that have made me continplate suicide many times and attempt it eight times, forming some kind of monster. So I refuse to make eye contact, it's not being disrespectful it's just better for everyone involved. So back to the question what is your strongest connector?
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4 years ago
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I have issues with compassion. If anyone is in pain or trouble, it feels like my duty not just to help but to make it right.I connect through the heart. It feels like my energy rushes out through my chest - my heart literally 'goes out to people'. I need to start bringing it back!

4 years ago
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Me too
Gigi Miner
4 years ago
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I hear what you're saying about the eyes...but guess what? Very few will ever see in yours what you see in theirs. So no worries. I tend to stare, tho' I dont' realize it at the time. And it's because I'm looking thru the eyes and seeing whatever it is that I see. And, sometimes, I don't see anything because they don't want me to and I back off. You can do that...just look at their nose if you don't want to be rude and intrusive. And respect their need for privacy. Just because you see or know something doesnt' mean you have to tell them that you do. It's sort of like being a gracious host. You can only do so much to make someone comfortable - after that, it's up to them to either stay and relax or leave when they're ready. You're not going to put anything bad into them. If it worries you, that's when you start nose-looking. :)

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