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4 years ago
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Ok I'm having a serious problem with my connection to my son's mother. Not the fact that I feel her heart will be broken when she finds out her fianc is cheating on her. Something is wrong with her but I can't tell what it is, and she won't talk to me about anything anymore. I want to sever this connection but at the same time I don't. This problem is affecting my health, both mental and physical. What do I do?
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4 years ago
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I just read a helpful hint titled must read for new empaths on the home page that might help
4 years ago
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In the end, people have to solve their own problems. That being said, it helps to know friends and family are on your side. That they believe in your strength to overcome. I think the best way to help her, and yourself, is to be a friend, as much of one as she can respond to. Be loving, encouraging, be subtle with it, and be warmth, be kindness, a whisper of care with nary a demand for attention. There may be more to the two of you, there may be not, but as I see it, your best intention would be for friendship either way.

Nocturne's Angel
4 years ago
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You may want to research Cord Cutting.

There are various ways to perform Cord Cutting.

Choose the Method that best suits you.

You may need to do it more than once.

You should be able to find Articles on it here on the EC, as well as, through an Internet Search.

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