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Our community is built on the time and energy that our members put into it. Every time you ask or answer a question, post a suggestion or a digital hug, you make this place what it really is: a special kind of "home" for empaths.

We want to recognize the people who are making this place feel like home. So you will start to see (maybe on your profile picture!) our new badges of gratitude!


The Super Contributor Badge is awarded to members who have significantly contributed to the EC. It might be a new member who has been very active in the last few months, or an old timer who has been here since the dawn of time in our little universe, that means after 2007).

goldstar_96x96.png?xn_version=3836570494 The Supporter Badge is awarded to members who have generously donated to the Empath Community.


The Private Reader Badge is awarded to members of the Empath Community who are providing private readings in the Made By Empathstore.

There's probably hundreds of people who deserve these badges RIGHT NOW so we'll be playing catch up and awarding them a few at a time each month. If you have made a donation with a different email than your member email, please let me know so I can update your Supporter badge!

This place would not exist without you.

You have our most profound gratitude!

Elise & the EC mods

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