The down of being over-zealous. Mistakes when meditating...

Kate T
Kate T
6 years ago
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Is anybody able to explain what "hurting yourself" when maditating is and manifests? What does long-term applying of the law of attraction, or extensive use of the power of one's thoughts and persuasive powers in our daily life do to one's health and energy reserves?

I'm also experiencing, for the first time in my life, an inability to relax my mind while sleeping. I think it also has to do with lots of stress, wrong thoughts and a side-effect of over meditating maybe? I tried so many techniques of cleaning or energy gathering, but I never imagined it could bring harm if you keep positive intentions.. : (

My brain feels like in a vice grip everytime i wake up. But I am afraid that i relax myself I get caught in strange energies, see strange stuff, loose my grouding power and become helpless. I am afraid to let myself go because i think i overdone it a bit and now i hate the helpless sensation and the time that it takes becoming master and fully conscious over your environment and body again. I sometimes feel like tere's too much fear around me and I act like a little child trying to escape from the cruel actions of life and society, or at least surrounding my mind with these thoughts so as to prevent my core being altered, because I am a really sensitive, and i believe in happiness and peace...

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