Native American Indian Chanting

5 years ago
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I was recently asked for the purpose of native American Indian chanting, someone on here had a post and was confused that she could chant. At the time I could not answer specifically and was confused by some of the answers given.

As Empaths we all have our own traits, some of us channel feelings of others, some feel, some see, some are aware but the single most contributing factor is words and it is this very thing that causes the most confusion, the problem with the world today is the miscommunication caused by words.

If two people share a dream but not the language how difficult is it to communicate or reach an understanding? First must come a common ground where they can meet...

By singing, chanting, reciting we lift our vibration, words are not necessary, by doing these things we are enabling spirit to meet us at a higher level and maybe from this neutral and compatible level communication will commence.



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