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I believe I have two guides that are with me frequently and often but one is a past life of the other, I can appreciate this is a difficult concept but the way I understand it is is one was born in about 100bc and the other was on this earth around 1000ad and to make this all the more interesting I believe they are on this earth now, I believe they are alive today.

I think I understand past life, I think I understand guides, spirit, guardians and the such. There are a number of irregularities that I just don't get, imagine channelling identical twins and trying to understand the differences. Well I have the time frames that I identify to, but not the identities.

This life here and now, we can all "bump" someone on the other side of the world, we all know about distance healing and the such. I am ok with bi-location healing, distance healing, remote healing, whatever tag we are familiar with and am ok with psychic work, ok in the sense that I am not a complete beginner.

The person I link with on this plane is in his seventies, he is oriental and one of his lives is oriental, he is what we would call an ascended master, if I had the money I believe I could travel and I would find him and he would accept me as a student, but as it is I learn from him this way.

All thoughts on this are welcome, I have an appointment with an expert in these matters in about a month or so hopefully, I have booked the appointment and am waiting for the date. Hopefully I will have answers to my questions then.

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I find this very interesting. How did you figure out their respective lifetimes before now? And because I am a bit of an archaeology fan, do you think you can learn more about those times? That would be so cool. I think I'd like to meet this person, were I in your position.

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