Passing on negative energy?

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4 years ago
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Hi! Me again!Just curious about this... Ever since I have found out I was an empath and started practicing yoga, meditation, grounding, etc. I have notice many positive changes in my thinking, feeling and abilities. It's been great! Except, my husband who is usually super calm cool and collect has been more negative and has a short fuse. Could I be causing this? He's pretty much the opposite of an empath, totally oblivious to others feelings, very logical yet he does have a very spiritual side. He's been practicing yoga and meditation with me as well! Is this just a coincidence or are these changes intertwined?Any thoughts?Thanks!
updated by @devonearth: 05/15/17 12:23:42PM
Gin S
4 years ago
225 posts

It could be something new and unrelated that is going on with him. Like trouble at work or something.

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