hi everyone i was wondering what you're personality type is?

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Kimberly Mayer
4 years ago
20 posts

I don't know if any of you have taken the jung personality type quiz but here it is


I was wondering what your personality type is. mine is an INFP, which is for INTROVERT, INTUITIVE, FEELING, PERCEIVING. as i was reading on other websites about this personality type, I was curious on what you guy might get and if it might be the same type.

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Gin S
4 years ago
225 posts

I am INFJ. I do believe we have a thread going on this called Myers/Briggs or something like that.

4 years ago
82 posts

*poke* :-P

Michelle Stright-Foto
4 years ago
6 posts

I've always been an INFJ :).

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