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The Ogham Tree Lore is ancient lore that stretches back more than 2500 years. The Ogham is based upon native trees to the Celtic kingdom. The Druids were known to have lived by thislore, knowing and teaching the ways of the trees. BnwyfreTM (noo-eef-ruh) abides bythis lore and appreciatesthat life force energy is about life after life,matter over matter andalso appreciates the value of the modern or conventional practice of Law.

The acceptance of a life force energy that controls all things in all manners has been accepted by all cultures across this planet since the beginning of time. It is only modern civilized society that rejects natural life force streams, with science being applied with the mentality of everything must be proved and ever increasing numbers living a life of scientific correctness. More people now than ever before live a life of fear, and are afraid of what they dont understand.

To appreciate life force energy requires dedication; it is not just about tuning into a sixth sense and being a healer, intuitive, medium or clairvoyant. It is about understanding the energies around us and understanding how all energy interconnects. Our first sense is natural lore not our sixth.

BnwyfreTM is the understanding of natural life force/s and why we are influenced the way we are. From something as simple as eating nuts when your temper is short, to spending time with your dog and welcoming the calming influences of the animal kingdom into your life. Willow is very good for emotional turmoil whilst a sprig of heather will calm mental anguish. A stem of lavender will aid sleep where upon a twig of Alder will help with studying.
Two Ravens flying east signifies a lesson coming your way. An Owl flying in from the south and you can expect a big present to arrive soon. A Robin Redbreast would represent a spiritual message, a birth, christening, marriage or even a passing.
Bnwyfre Healing is about understanding the influence of these energies and how natural energy centres within the human body co-operate with Earths energy centres and the influences of the energiesthat surround us.

Bnwyfre.TM Healing is unique, with regard to it working with the natural life force energies that work within us and surround us, with one complimenting the other. The Chakras are recognized across the globe as being the human bodies natural energy centres, many cultures have recognized since the beginning that our energy centres contribute towards our well being and the well being of all energies around us. Bnwyfre does not restrict itself to single energy streams, it is a co-operation of all life force energies. Starting with the Earth and understanding the flow of energy rising, working with the sky, the sun and the wind and understanding how their individual energy and collective energy descends to the point where Earths energy is ascending.

All of us are surrounded by our own energy bubble, The Aura. Some peoples auras have a thick coating whilst others have a very delicate and fragile coating.
Bnwyfre.TM calms our individual energies, restoring the natural balance to the aura, allowing the ebb and flow of energy to resume within and around us.
Pictographs, Hieroglyphs and even the written language of the Sumerian people Cuneiform", (supposedly the oldest written language in the world)contains references to people with what the western cultures refer to as halos and auras. The human body contains many energy centres, anyone who has studied martial arts will have been made aware of them, Chi, Qi, Ti, to name but a few. Thewestern cultures have been very slow to break away from the Roman influences and the belief in medicine to cure all humanailments. Tao belief structure is the heavier elements of Qi "life force" is us, followed by liquids and moving up to etheric fields with our breath bringing the three together is about the ebb and flow of life force energy and how they work together as one.

Bnwyfre.TM Life Force Energy was acknowledged by our ancient ancestors, they appreciated the spiritual values of our own energy in relation to the energy around us. The seven day week is derived fromthe lunar cycle of 28 days divided by 4. Our ancestors had a God / Goddess / Deity for 6 days of the week and the seventh day was for self, such was their appreciation for self as a part of maintaining the equilibrium of natural energy.

To look at mans association with energy and it is difficult to see but look at mans association with spiritual essence and the obvious can be seen (Religion). To see the spiritual essence within a tree is not always so obvious. The four elements commonly recognized in western society are Earth, Water, Air and Fire to introduce a fifth element that unites the four common western elements is wood. By understanding the trees and their association with every aspect of our life and we will invite true and natural spiritual essence into our lives. The power of three is where the land meets the sea and the sky angels will gather, whilst this is true. It is also true that trees will be found here as well.

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