Feelings of being "tied"

Kate T
Kate T
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Ok, this is a strange one.

So i know that i am living in a) a highly seismical area with low energies around (the reiki practicioners and energo-therapeuts i asked about this all said the same thing and shared the same feelings, with minimal differences about the intensity or source of these "low" influences) and it alternates with episodes of sudden bursts of really good energy (well, more rare :( )

Then there is my b) stomach energy center/chakra that gets affected around here, and this negative influence is extremely recognisable in my behaviour, as i've been lucky and had the chance to travel a lot and see new places and make friends from other countries... so since i was little and knew absolutely zero things about stuff like energy and psychic sensitivity (it actually never interested me until 2 years ago after an interesting episode) i still realised and i was wondering why "i behave like that here and like that there" and i've always been a keen observer of my own and others' personalities and behaviour. So I started to see the differences in my energy levels, despite my efforts to maintain them and not to let the more "negative" side of my personality drag me down.

And i think it's the zone's influence, although it's just a theory.

c) There are also times when i cannot "open" my mind at all, or i am unable to direct my energy to someone as it feels like my stomach/head are being tightened. And my concentration falls apart, and when i concentrate on the affected area a certain someone comes into my mind at it's annoying as hell, and i like freedom, and so i generally try breaking a tie that affects me too much, negative or not, but it never feels good (especially with my "ripping" style :)) ) and leaves me a little disorientated.

Has anyone experiences something that?

d) Then there's this strange sensation around my "neck" ever since i came from a teambuilding project and I couldn't like some of the people around there at all. What's worse, there were 3 of them who knew a lot about energies and chatted about it, and i started to talk a little about such things, intentionally using simplier words and sounding like a more observant adolescent than well-informed (more or less), and they remained surprised. But they didn't seem ill-intentoned, although i blame myself a little: maybe I talked too much.

The problem is, it wasn't the first time at all i have ever participated in a teambuilding group or extra-curricular course or team project, but it was e) THE FIRST TIME when i couldn't suffer the atmosphere at all.

And i still have this neck tightness sensation i've never had. Should I mention that during the course it actually good painful, while during the pauses or when i remained alone it lessened, no matter what my position was or what i did?

And then i was telling my best friends about it that came to the same course but observed absolutely nothing of this kind, and then one of the older ladies popped up and started to talk about the important energy center located in our necks and how my pain could be a signal of a feeling of remorse or the residual energy of another person and we were like:

" 0_o ... oook" although deep inside i started wandering whenever someone else intentionally tried to do this to me as i was the principal talker during those 6 hours in a row (with only one pause) we spent doing different things and... "teambuilding", huh.

My energy levels are generally high and i am an active person, but i was amazed of e) how tired i was after the course ended.

I thinking about meditating and consciously trying to block any possible negative infleunce that may still be coming from outside, intentionally or not, as i am starting to feel more and more tired by the days that pass and this isn't normal o__o.

f) It was also the first time when during my cambridge course, that was the day after the teambuilding course, I couldn't say anything "smart" and i was doing big pauses and i wasn't able to find my words, and i was taken by suprise by that, and the others looked at me too, as everybody knew i was the best talker form the group...

Finally the main question:Could it be just the weather? :))) I seriously have no idea. What do you guys recommend? :(I'm worried. Maybe overly coutious, but i do not what to let anything affect me by such means and in such ways without knowing the cause or final effect...

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