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Hi Romantok

My dear empathic friend know in your spirit that you are no longer alone. You are now among thousands of your own kind. We feel you as you feel all of the "normal" people that you meet. I am an Universal empath and feel written text as you feel people. I can feel your anxiety and, as do most empaths, wish to help you as much as I can. We empaths feel the universal oneness of all things. We are in tune with the energy of the universe.

Another theme that you will find here at the EC is that many people will come up to us and start sharing very intimate details of their lives. For some of us this can be a bit alarming where others realize what is happening due to the fact that we are not "normal". We, most definitely, are "not from around here" LOL. We have 6, not 5, senses. We are spirits having a material experience and are the water and not the sponge. Here at the EC you will begin to expand your knowledge and awareness that there is much more going on in this world than is apparent to the normal person. We empaths are much more comfortable with the spirit realm than the material mind set. We feel the overlap, the integration of the two frequencies. Many normal people cannot feel as we do. They are like color blind people and we see and feel all the vibrancy of yellows, blues, reds, etc... . You can now FINALLY talk to your own kind, to people who know exactly what you are talking about.

You may have to learn to do some shielding techniques and begin a meditation regimen. The shielding will help you in social settings to tune down the incoming energy of others. This will allow you to feel more comfortable in social settings. The meditation will calm your spirit and anxiety while allowing you to be able to focus your energy which presently seems to be going out in a scattered fashion. You can find techniques on both of these topics on the Home Page as well as at the top of the Forum page and in the Library of Inspiration as well.

Doing exercise on a daily basis will also bring down your stress levels while invigorating your body. I am including a link to a topic called "Exercise for Empaths" which will show you low impact, easy to do exercises that will also help you develop your empathic skills.

Exercise for Empaths

Below is a link to a series of little tests that will help you learn more about your personal and empathic abilities. With this knowledge you can then have a game plan for your life and learn more about why you came to this world and what you can do to help raise its levels of Light, Life and Love.

Apptitude and I.Q. Tests

Some other topics that you may find interesting are also included below and will help you with your feeling that you are "not from around here". Many empaths recognize this feeling and can associate with what you are experiencing.

On Being An Empath

Indigo and Crystal People

The Correcting Time

The Library was put together for individuals such as yourself as a source of knowledge that can help you understand and expand on your life as an empath and why you are one. You are really very much more than you presently understand or comprehend. If you wish to chat further I am always available to answer question, do research for you, or point you in the direction of someone who knows more than I do.

Once again, you are now no longer alone and can open up to us without the fear of ridicule and will always be treated with respect, understanding and love. We FEEL you. May Divine Truth travel with my words.

Throw some love into the wind.


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