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Kate T
Kate T
6 years ago
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Well, I've just came back from France with the theatre crew and it was awesome and we won the second place and maaany other things happened and I felt wonderful. The problem is, and I chose not to give it too much attention during the whole thing (or just as much as it was necessary, to know what kind of people I am dealing with and etc)... yeah, I'm speaking about the empath skills.

It's only now, the next day, that I can see how closed I am and how little the energy "influx" is, I mean, what I can feel is so weak, and everything is just... I don't know, 'colorless'. I tried to do a little meditation and it felt wonderful to try an open my chakras (I like using the indian system) again and feel the energy like a cold/hot shower that made me relax, but there is something else and it feel as if I am afraid to open again and, in my head, possibly starting to go through all the hell that I've been through in the last period before the 'trip'...

Being still with the head in France has it's pluses, sure, but I still feel strange, and strange enough, it isn't the first time at all when I go abroad for a week or more! It's about the... what, 6th time?

But it is the first time I'm going to another country and trying to work with energies and such, I mean, consciously thinking about them and seeing their effects and applying what I've learned and seeing the results...

It's also that I am less conscious about my body, like, I always know from the first day if I contact, god knows how, a flu or illness of any kind, or what to do in case I start feeling strange or even try and heal myself if I have a stomach problem or a pain or something similar and it often works... (huh, the power of thoughts, lol)

Even though I feel happy, I think it is justa residual energy I'm afraid to get rid of, and it doesn;t feel ok at all, because I can not sense energies at the same capacity or work with them. Fortunately, I have an appointment at a bio-therapeutist that I established before going abroad, who works with energy fields and others that helped me and my father too to recover from an operation... but God, I cannot read anything and the 'inner messages' come so slowly! I feel blindfolded. Or better, i feel enchained and a little disrooted...

Has anyone else experienced such a wide range of sensations after returning from oing abroad? What can be the causes? Simply that I didn't have time for meditation, or it is more like a natural mechanism that closed only to protect me because at the same time I am soooo tired. I slept 4 hours or maybe 5 every night, sometimes less, only once, a little more. But I repeat, I've done it before and I never felt like I do now. But ok, I must admit, it was the 'biggest' thing I went through, being in a Campus and going daily to ateliers and trips and mooooooore.

More importantly, what should I do to become... well, sensible again? Or I shouldn't do anything ?

I would SO MUCH like to hear other expeiences!

Also, it was the first time I flew by plane. When I left, I felt really good. But when I returned, it was strange to be with "the head in clouds" again and I felt liek being rooted out of somewhere...

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