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4 years ago
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Ok, so I have no idea how this happened, but this elder entered the room I was staying in, waiting, and I immediately sensed her anxiety and fear, not necessarly towards me, but teenagers in general or something like that I guess, I have to idea why. But her anxiety was pretty distinguishable and I think I may have let my guard down too much trying to help her: I left the apartment, felt ok, went to my own house, took something, and went out again. After the first steps I realised how I could perceive everything different. [again]

Why again? Because I immediately linked the strange feeling, confusion, and inability to be grounded with what used to happen to me a lot before I started doing meditation and going out more often: I was lost in a foating like state, but with someone's else energetic imprint. Her imprint

People on street would react different to me too, and I sensed my own energy being different than usual. I felt like I was walking in someone else's shoes. It was reaaaaaly annoying, and it still is, as I can feel right now better than 20 minutes ago, but there's still this unusual feeling and I also have different reactions and such.

I'm just angry with me that I let that happen again... when I was younger I had no idea how could I possibiy block these influxes of energies so I was constantly lost among others and I was deeply terrified of gatherings, big towns, even small crowds or speaking to too many people! My own classmates terrified me... on the other hand, in nature or around animals I was like in paradise, and everybody knew me because of this passion... I also loved soo much living in my own thoughts and fantasy world, drawing, painting, playing, crafting all the time, and more earthy experiences or bondages with anyone else except my parents or animals scared me too... this is why a biiiiig period of my childhood I was so tensed and closed!

Well, anyway,I got over it a long time ago, and it is simply horrible that I got lost again, and I am very afraid, and slightly confused, because it the last 3-4 years it never happened again at such intensity (to feel so lost in the other's energy, I mean), even though I immediately turned on some music for the chakras to help clean& ground myself. This is also happening because lately I've been feeling pretty sick and I haven't slept more than 6 hours per night for more than 3 months. Some changes in my personal life also affected me too.

I was wondering, after how much time will these odd energies be gone naturally, and my normal, anxiety-free thoughts come again?

Do i really have to leave everyday in a constant struggle to keep myself grounded?

Did you experience these things too after a lot of stress, fatigue, and not enough time to recover properly? How long do you think that It'll take me to become grounded and balanced again?

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4 years ago
131 posts

Yeah, by the way, about grounding...

I don't know if it is just an impression, although I tried to observe this thing countless times for more than 2 years, I think heights affect the quality of grounding too. Try for example grounding when you spend all your life at the 6th floor of a building, in contrast to a summer spent in a biiig apartment at the second floor...

Even at school... during the first year our classroom was on the first floor(USA)/ground floor (others) but the next year they moved us on the second floor, which was notably higher (like the third/fourth floor of a building or something) and it simply occured to me that I was more culmsy than always and a little bit harder to ground myself!(or maybe a little bit more? I dunno, I just remained with this impression but never actually tried to go deeper into the matter and find actuallywhy)

But I still don't want to jump to a conclusion, I want to build my beliefs brick by brick; I mean, I don't trust myself 100%, working with such "intangible" theories and parctices... I don't want to get vicious tenencies, fake beliefs, illusions in my head or go crazy or something similar.

What do you think about the hight "issue"?

(And the difference betwen the richness of energies during summer, in contrast to winter, but that's another story...)

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