Cutting attachment cords?

Kate T
Kate T
5 years ago
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So could someone who actually did it advise me on how it should be done? :D

Lately I've been forced to shut off my "heart" (be less aware of my surroundings) and to "attenuate" the existing attachment cords with some people because they were too many and my energy levels are rapidly falling in the last periods due to some health problems as well as a lot of stress from school and some 'love' issues...

Not to mention that my "psychichness" is extremely fragile and fluctuant in this period and I find it extremely hard to calm down my mind and control myself the way I used to. Now it would take too much time to just meditate to calm down, not to mention trying to open my chakras and becoming fully aware of everything around again... and I definetly don't have enough time during the week to reach that level at which I could actually be aware and do "works" and attempt to "cut cords" knowing deep within that I'm doing the right thing.

So ever since I moved to this new class, I observed a girl that is somehow more tuned to energies than others, as she was responding to me and I observed some patterns in her behaviour regarding my "tests" [while I had enough resources last half an year, I was able to test out these "energies" and try to expad my aura/energy/calm or activate different areas of my mind and observe patterns around me and see how people react... I saw some patterns indeed! and the ones who react faster are the boys.. xD)

But since the first time we met, she couldn't suffer me and neither could I. Of course, I wasn't looking for anything like a figt, but every time she was given the occasion, of course she wanted to do as much harm to my "social image" as possible. She's like a child with jealousy issues. But the thing is that I felt from the start there was something less normal... like a deepr connection, xD. Because I could sense her "moods" so to say too. And it was REALLY annoying... but i managed to clean the "channel" every time. Now I can't, and I do not want to, and it's annoying. How could I get rid of it and what could it mean?

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