has anyone noticed that they attract unwanted or dangerous situations?

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Kimberly Mayer
5 years ago
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i'm just wondering if it has something to do with being an empath because i've noticed that most of my life i have attracted some dangerous people or situations. i'm 19 and i've come into strange accidents or strange people. or the fact that i've almost died several times and all of them would have been weird ways. or pedophiles. its just weird and dangerous situations. does this happen to anyone else or is it just my unluckiness?

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5 years ago
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I'll tell you some of my life experience, so that maybe you find something familiar in it or find a solution. (sorry for any possible grammatical mistake, as english is not my first language :D)

Generally speaking, I tend to experience 3 kind of situations (one of them manifesting almost like yours):

1. When I'm too permisive and let the energy "flow through me" I seem to become rather invisible xD like people tend to walk over me, find me uninteresting, etc... of course this takes a lot of concentration and absent-mindness so to say, and I did it a few times, walked past my friends while they were looking for me and didn't notice me at all! It's some kind of a psychological secret: if you keep your thoughts silent and the "channel" blocked they don't notice you...

Second time I was standing next to a big climbing honeysuckle bush, and I was feeling so peacefull and my mind was clear of anything, and this relative of mine walked past me, then turned around, then stopped to look at the bush, then walked away asking my mother "wher's you daughter?" and my mother was like "lol, you went past her 3 times, haven't you seen her next to the bush?" :))

I found it funny however because I consciously tried not to think about anything and be one with my surroundings...

This thing however, being unprotected and all, makes me feel like a victim and I generally don't like it, or I tend to relax only when I know I am alone/meditating/centered, so as to be able to notice the changes around me and not be overwhelmed. However, I may become very tensed and have frequent energy blocks because of this constant "tension" of trying to be in control all the time. And this leads to the second situation...

2. I am very tensed/concentrated but able to control the situation. However, this inner struggle might be seen/felt by others [I actually got the hang of it]. However, it kind of blocks the energy flow so the next day lets say I really must practice meditation for cleansing or a take long shower just to get rid of those unwanted thoughts and feelings that get stuck inside/block my vision.

There's also a third situation... ;)) But this is the most difficult one and it means being balanced: being able to let the energy flow but remain clean and have a well-determined boundary. This implies feeling those "inner pushes/thoughts" and having a pretty good intuition/few, generally small premonitions/and feelings about people or places but not getting lost in the "cloud of thoughts" or accumulating unwanted energy. Or at least this is my case/the point that I reached after an year of reading and working alone with these principles that I learnt from books/internet/life :D

But I reached my point, and came to the conclusion that I can't keep it secret anymore and I need help, so that after the holiday I'll start my first Reiki courses. Not only that I decided to write the premonitions on paper and see if they happen but also convienced some people and relatives that these things are possible and real. And these actions made me feel a lot easier and comfortable with myself. Finally, after continuously trying to fight off these ideas and tell to myself that everything is just bull**it and I simply have too much free time, I started to accpet the fact that they really happen. I had to fight against all the negative feedback that I've always got from peopleabout these kind of things (psychich powers, premonitions, out-of-the-ordinary happenings...) [unintentionally of course because they didn't know anything about my situation]

It may be the luck factor, it may be that you are a more dreamy person, or indeed, it may be that you are in tune with energies but get affected too much by them. It happened to me alot too. I'll tell you what I learnt to do:

I tend to feel when people are thinking about me/sending me direct thoughts (ex: I am paying attention to something else, but the boy standing a few metres behind me looks at me thinking about something positive/negative "Man, what a girl!". I instantly feel the type of that thought that is directed at me and if I find it positive and not threatening, I just let it be. But if it is something coming from 2 guys that decide to follow me, instead of avoiding the "contact" with them, I concentrate really hard on the "channel" they opened and send the most furious, annoying and tensed thoughts I can think about.

Believe me, I am not talking nonsense. Because I had many encounters with people of the opposite sex that found me appealing I had to learn to deal with the situation without blocking everything inside me and become a rock or something :)) And on street, especially at night and when the visibility is poor and you have to take long roads that pass through ill-famed neighbourhoods, the situations can degenerate quickly. The little "secret" I told you above "saved" me for more than 4 times ;)) I can't forget so easily the times when I even faked a phone conversation to be sure "they" got the message that I wasn't alone.

I also had so many positive happenings though, but i don;t think you want me to start blabbering about them too :)) I hope I helped you a little :)

5 years ago
131 posts

Ooh, dear, I ended up posting the long version without realising, lol

Well, I also wanted to mention the Law of Attraction: have you read anything about it?

If you also have other happenings that point out the fact that you are an empath, these frequent dangerous situations you encounter may mean that you are too "tuned" to lower frequencies(unshielded, accumulating "residual energies", etc...); so thinking/expecting/having a negative attitude towards things in general may trigger negative happenings faster than in the case of a... unaware/unawakened person lets say.

For example, I always have to think twice before having a negative thought about someone close (say parents/family/friends) because they tend to pick up the "vibe" much faster and feel that something isn't "allright" about me... most don't realise this on an actual conscious level of course, but they generally react accordingly, as far as I've seen.

One might also consider praying. Who knows...

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