is it possible for empaths to be very angry at the world?

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Kimberly Mayer
5 years ago
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i've noticed that whenever i'm out in public, that i either feel more angry at everyone or look more angry. do any of you guys get like this too or do you think i have anger problems? it's not like i try to be angry but it's like when i'm in crowded places my head starts to hurt, and i'll get angry and very quiet. so i'm just looking for some opinions

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5 years ago
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It may happen a lot actually.

It's all about how you manage the stress of being in a crowd and sensing a lot of things and getting a lot of information at the same time. Have you tried asking yourself "why do I feel angry?" Is it because you feel you can't control the amount of information you're getting? Is it because you actually get to sense the bad feelings instead of filtering what is good and what is bad? Or it's just the thought that you aren't understood, or that they seem like they have their minds closed, or they seem to emanate bad energies (as a result of the negative thoughts and more)?

If you find the inner cause, and your thoughts that determine the reactions, then you may find the answer on how to solve it by working with your own consciousness and realising if the common "anxiety-factor" may be involved too...

My head used to hurt a lot too, and I never understood why when I was little. I just knew I got lost in a whirlwind of thoughts and impressions and couldn't grasp my own ideas, and I was afraid to speak, because then I knew that a lot of attention and thoughts would be directed at me and it may have got even more unbearable than it already was.

As I grew older, I learned how to handle things and "a lot of people", and even though things are getting better and better, I still have to work a lot on this aspect...

Try meditating, centering methods, or this concentration exercise:

Although the article is about reading auras, the exercise helps concentrate on your third eye and I find it somewhat relaxing.

Best of luck!~

Kimberly Mayer
5 years ago
20 posts

Thank you!

The Importance of Being Jonny
5 years ago
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Just before I moved to Oregon, I was going through my own hell in Brooklyn, NY. Everything was going wrong, no one wanted to help me with my problems, no one wanted to listen, so I decided I was on strike--I'm tired of helping people and getting no respect. The world has started to piss me off at that point, I was just fed up. I said until I get some respect I'm not helping a soul. I never ended that strike, I just mellowed out along the way until i forgot I was on one. But yes, it's very possible for an empath to be angry at the world. I feel like that now and then.

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