There is hope...

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5 years ago
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I joined this community a number of years ago. I was an absolute mess. This site helped me learn the things that I needed to learn to survive and actually be productive in the world that surrounds me. I have gone from a person that was kicked and knocked down and around to one who now actually knows my place, my destiny and am making the journey.

My best suggestion to all who enter looking for help, follow Elise's suggestion in Ask questions, no matter how silly they seem there is never a question that really is silly. If it helps you it probably helps someone else. I was a negative mess and have learned to bring light to almost everything I do, positivity is the key for me...

I came here when we were still small and now I see there are more than 10K members, wow!! Congrats Elise on a functioning, productive site.

I by no means know it all but if there is ever anything I can help you with please do not hesitate to contact me.

Blessings, love and healing light...


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5 years ago
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There is hope and with the help of friends, faith for me, and guidance I have finally come out on the other side. I was once told that you have to walk in darkness to appreciate the light. I now know that is true.

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