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Hi Group Creators and Admins,

First we would like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the members of EC. As you know, changes have been in the making for the groups for some time and would like to update you on some of these changes.

The first change is that the "NOT MODERATED" banners have been taken down. Due to alot of issues in unmoderated groups, we feel that it is essential that the groups be moderated . What this means is that for those who aren't already, we would like the group creators/admins to moderate your own groups or place an admin to help you. We trust that the moderation will fit according to EC guidelines that also flow with the energy of the group.

EC Moderators will not moderate your group, unless we get several complaints and it violates any laws, harrassment, ect, in which case, if there is any issues, we will contact the creator/admin first or unless the creator/admin requests our assistance. If you are requesting our assistance to help with a situation regarding a member of your group, please be courteous and notify the member of the actions being taken and why. If we are enforcing an action by the request of creator/admin and the member is sent to us, we will notify them that we were requested to help with this action and then redirect the member back to you. If you are having a difficult time and are unable to communicate with this member, please notify EC mod's ahead of time so we can come up with a positive solution.

We understand that some of EC guidelines may not be appropriate in the groups. If your group is not appropriate for general audiences, please specify this on your main page of the group and make your group "approval only". For instance, if there is more adult content being allowed then please also add "18 and older" . This is to protect our younger members. All we ask is that you use your best judgment when approving members.

If the groups that doesn't have an active creator/admin, it will be moderated by the EC Moderators.

And last, we have noticed that there are alot of repetitive groups and we will be working through them. Some of these groups may be closed and will depend on the activity of the group. We will make every attempt to contact you first if your group will be effected. With the influx of groups , this is necessary.

For those who are considering opening a group:

Please go through the groups and see if there is a group that is similar or the same that you are wanting to open before making a request. Though we would love for everyone to have their own group, the growth of the groups have become so much that it deters new and old members from wanting to sift through it and can be quite overwhelming. This also effects activity on other groups. If there is already a group open for the same subject, your request will be denied.

Thank you for your help and support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact to us. We want to thank all of our creators/admins for all of your hard work.
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