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The Lioness ~*Q*~
The Lioness ~*Q*~
7 years ago
126 posts

Hey all its me... Qu! :)

I wanted to advise you all to use the new 'like' buttons they are great for giving a thumbs up on cool posts and saves u the trouble of writting out an entire response when u still want to give the writer some welcomed props! :)

Also its great for saving Posts you'd like to remember or read later, On your 'my page' home screen theres a link on the left side under your blogs and photos that says 'My Likes' ,This is where you will find all the Posts you've 'Liked' over time..So have fun and use It! :D

Jus a helpful friend ;)

Happy 'Likes' Guys!


updated by @the-lioness-q: 01/15/17 02:58:24PM

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