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Hi!!!  I want to start creating these for myself.  Was curious if anyone else has them and how it works?  Or has anyone had their vision come true :)   I was told recently to create a soul mate wish list from a healer, as I did that, I thought about a vision board for other things in life.  

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I've never heard of vision boards, what are they? Sounds interesting
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Vision boards can work, though are often times tricky. Theres three elements in manifestation, emotions, thoughts and imagination. They are strongest in that order.
Vision boards help with the third element, imagination, though for manifestation to work, thoughts (beliefs) need to align with the vision. However, emotion is the element that actually determines whether the manifestation succeeds.
A vision board can be particularly effective when you know how to latch onto a dream, and then let it go. When you can be happy without that which you desire, thats when it comes to you swiftly.

I've had some success with vision boards, however not at a high rate. I am a huge fan of affirmations and reminders though, due to the very high success rate I get from them. A recent favorite tool of mine is to use WOOP scripts, which is actually mental contrasting.
I guess since visualizing has rarely been a problem for me, that's why I don't require vision boards as manifestation aids like I do with affirmations and reminders. So in the end, probably its about whether the tools complement the strengths you already have.
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
3 weeks ago
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Hi TL,

My church actually holds classes where everyone brings in piles of old magazines and they do this together, only they call it Treasure Mapping. I did one once, but it made little difference.

I agree with Hermes.V that it depends on your natural way of perceiving things. I am a very visual person already, so adding the board with photos of all my wishes did not make much difference, since I already picture things in my mind a lot. If you are not so visually oriented, it may help a lot.

Using affirmations and taking actions that will help things to happen are, of course, needed too. There have to be more thoughts that favor your desired outcome than otherwise. That can be really, really hard, since the brain is wired to focus on negativity, so give yourself a break and some time to work on it. :-)

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