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Hi totally new at this. I have recently stumbled on the idea of empaths and highly sensitive people. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for two years and I always attribute what I know believe are empath trait to the anxiety, depression, or me being dramatic and a crybaby. One of the things I struggle with this crowds and being around too many people at one time. Often times this extreme anxiety led to what was thought to be sensory overload. Which is when under times of great stress the body’s senses get overwhelmed and even the slightest noise, movement, or light is hard to handle. I have now come to realize I was only a little off, I know believe it is something I have heard of called empathy overload. Among other things I often catch my self mimicking the feelings and actions of my close loved ones, even my pet dog, ie when he gets anxious bc of say a storm, I get get anxious too. I cry frequently over things that seem small to other people, but leave me sobbing for possible an hour on end. When I was younger everyone assumed I would grow out of this “ over dramatic “ trait but I’m now 16 and if anything my sensitivities have only increased. I have done massive amounts of research on empathy and everything fits to a T, but I’m having trouble accepting something I can’t see. If anyone has any advice on acceptance, cooping, and tips and tools that would be great. Thank you so much :)

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I was in therapy after my husband had walked out of the marriage he became extreamly emotionally abusive. I was telling him in one of the first appointments I have always known things I shouldn't and my friend calls it my super power however i hate it, I can a lot of times tell if something negitive is about to happen in my life however just not always what it is that will happen, I just now I am about to be emotional hurt. I also told him as weird as it sounds, when i worked in bars/pubs and later on when I would go as a customer i could tell if it would be a good night or one where there would be lots of fights, I could pick up the energy somehow. There are also certain people I refuse to get close to and find excuses as social functions to never be near them.. He never doubted me like most have in my past and over the next 2 years told me about books I should read by Judith Orloff. I had so much crazy going on at home I never bothered howver i do read a book every couple days iwanted to escape wheni can, not learn The abuse just kept getting worse and he cause of his career was involving different agencies to facilitate the abuse. The kids were also receiving it also so all my energy was focused into protecting then. He then gave e an audio book and wanted me to listen to some chapter out of it.. took me another 4 months before I got around to hearing it.. Well crap I am an empath and he knew a along, it was confirmed on our next appointment... reason why he didn't tell me was that this in more about the self understanding than the diagnosis. I suspect u are at this state where u know have learned but u haven't gotten to the actual self understanding. Trust me there is a huge difference.. Took me another 3 months before my soul finally understood what my mind knew.. I had been fighting my empath side for almost 44 years and i didn't see the up sides only the negitive to this point so i ran from it and half of who i am. I was working through other issues (I found my twin flame accidentally also and that throws so much more craziness and issues to heal) and after 2 days and nights of none stop crying i had finally stopped. I had also finally borrowed from the library one of Judith Orloff's books a week before. I stopped crying finally, picked up her book and the next 16 hours I read the whole book. It made so much sence and has helped me to finally start actually understanding it. I still have a ways to go as these discoveries started the last week of December and first week of March. My therapist is helping fill in the blanks. Be careful with therapist as not all believe in empaths and can do more harm than good. Mine believes and knew what I was as he is one also. It was harder for him when he went looking cause there was less recognized medical doctors talking about it then.
Hopefully this will help u some.
Good luck
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Hi...acceptance comes when you are sure about what's going on...what's happening to you is all normal in the eyes of other empaths and this is a good place to read about others experiences and come to your own conclusions about it all...I'm much older than you and I can tell you that I felt pretty much the same as you when I realized what it was I had...lol...I was about 40 years old...so dont think for a moment age has anything to do with being afraid....you were born this way and now you need help puting things in place and balancing out...there are plenty of technics you can us..some will work great while others may not...its up to you to try them and find the best fit for you...there's nothing really wrong with you...😏..if you could clarify what you're having trouble with....what your not seeing then maybe I can help...

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I can understand when you say that it's hard to accept something you can't see. There's even a common saying, seeing is believing and the popularity of this saying just goes to show how important it is to be able to see or perceive something. Yet, you must have patience when you are putting effort to start accepting your empathic side. For you see, it is possible to see the unseen, but not with your normal day to day eyes, you must see with your extra-sensory faculties. For advanced sensors, this type of vision is very much part and parcel of their everyday sight. However if you are not one of those, then you will need to develop your abilities. Know that by slowing down your thoughts and disciplining your imagination, this ability will steadily develop.
To slow down your thoughts, sit down and focus on the sensations of your breath. Experiment with many ways to sit or stand and hold your hands. These exercises may need many repetitions over a long course of time before you can enjoy the effects, so, another way is to learn Tai Chi. In a very basic sense, one way to practice this is to stand comfortably, then slowly imagine moving your hands. You might notice that the initial thoughts are fleetingly fast, so the first challenge is to slow it down to a perceptible level. Once you can do this, allow your hands to follow the image in your mind's eye. This simple practice, over time, will allow you to percieve by inner vision and feel kinesthetically the energies around you. At a point you will notice how these energies are able to influence you and the people around you. You might also figure out how to flow with these energies, so that you can acquire what you desire. And for this, all it takes is a willingness and the patience to practice.
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I went through that phase when I first discovered my empathness....as you become more aware of who you are, you will build confidence that the “unseen” is just as validated as the “seen”.....a kind of proving it to yourself period
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Welcome to the community. As someone new to all of this I'm sure you have a lot of questions. A good place to start is to take a couple empath tests. This will give you some personal confirmation of whether all of this is real. Here are two empath tests below:



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