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I was taught by an energy work that feeling vibrations is a sign of energy that does not belong to you. That is not to say that is the only sign. I bring this particular one up because it is the one I have been working with the most, and I wanted to share a major change I have noticed.

I used to do these meditations that involved me observing the sensations in my body. Rather trying to do a specific breathing technique I would simply observe the natural breathe. To put it in other words, for me it is like giving full autonomy over to my body. I do this as a way of strengthening the connection to self, and also because my body knows what it needs more than I do.

I actually hadn't done this meditation for years. I traded it out for newer, more elaborate techniques. The change that came about from that trade happened so gradually that I only recently realized what happened.

I have always been an empath, but was always blissfully unaware. There was no major occurrence that forced a need to know. I dealt with life easily. I just didn't know what exactly it was that was helping me deal.

Over that last three years I experienced major empathetic overload to the point that I no longer recognized myself. That was when the understanding of my empathic nature came. I always knew there was something going on, I was just at peace with who I was so I never needed to label it. Well after the overload, I needed to know that I would know how to take care of myself.

So long story short when I give over control to myself, this is what happens. Instead of trying to get rid of the energy it works better for me to just feel the. Sometimes it can hurt, be scary and overwhelming like the vibrations are never going to stop, but they always do. I have noticed myself get stronger, and I need less and less alone time. Like now I am an environment that is usually the most difficult and it is not phasing me. I have also never been more intuned then I am now and it feel great. My head is clear and I feel as though I know exactly what to do and when without actually knowing how or why I do.

I'm not saying this is what everyone should do. Do what works for you. I'm just sharing in case it may be helpful to someone else.

Take care and much love.

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