Shutting out the world around us?

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When I was a child I often got called a space cadet. It was because I would often zone out and be almost completely unreachable. People would have to scream my name several times before I would respond. 

As I got older I was harshly judged for this habit. So much so that I would either be referred to as mentally retarded or rude. No one could ever quite figure out which one it was. Some thought I was doing it on purpose, I wasn't. Those where the ones who called me rude. Others thought I could help it, the thought I was mentally retarded. While, yes there where times when I did it unconsciously, I am definitely not mentally retarded.

The truth was it was just who I was. It was like I lived in two worlds. The one in my mind which, while people thought I was daydreaming, was vague and often blank. I honestly don't know how else to describe it. And then there is this world that we all live in, and truthfully I found, and still find this one to be very boring.

The funniest thing about the whole situation is that i appeared to be happy to everyone. And for I time I truly was. I was before people started bothering trying to force me out of my head.

So I have been doing an experiment lately. You see I have been wondering if that is my true home, or place of existence. Maybe our minds are all of our true homes and this world is where we meet one another. I have often wondered about descartes I think therefore I am. Maybe he meant I think and that is actually who I am and also where. The world we see with our sense is symbolic a mere figment of the collective consciousness. Like the allegory of the cave the reality we see is but a shadow of what is truth.

So I have gone back to being a space cadet only with actual intention this time. And must say while I still do not know what happens in that space, the feeling I have when I come back is that of being cleansed and whole. It's like I went home to safety with family and came back strong and fully prepared for the world.

Has anyone else ever had this experience?

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