Did you guys see this article?

Rachel Browne
Rachel Browne
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Hey everyone, 

I'm curious if anyone saw this article? 


What are your thoughts on it? 

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I just read through it and I'm glad I did. I'm new to this forums and haven't done much learning about empathy, and have just tried to use it by figuring out things myself. But there are some things I defiantly relate to like how you hate doing thing you don't enjoy. This must be why I'm just drifting through college with C's.

Feeling bad for not being able to save everyone:It's a lot of fun being a target for peoples negativity(no it isn't), but it's just because they lack a conscience(just people who don't use or have empathy) to stop them from hating so they hate, even though it would be better for themselves if they didn't because hating also affects them negatively. But they don't care and thing breaking down and falling apart is a normal part of life and do nothing about it, so there's no helping them no matter which way you look at it. So it's just the people who don't think like that I try to help if possible.

I also would say that change is the hardest thing to do, and you will fail, but that's how you change. You mainly just need self control(highly under-rated and discussed), because self-control is a very real thing, and a crucial part of achieving goals and delayed gratification. It's mainly just hard work. And it's important to stop things from destroying your well being and to take immediate action to change, but hang on till you figure out how, it's all a mental strength challenge.

This article is a good place to start and to stem more ideas from to look deeper into how it all works. Empathy is also more amazing than what other people can know, so could potentially allow for a better quality of life than what other's are capable of.(it's because you can foresee an ideal future with perfect well-being and enjoying stuff).

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