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I have found a focus that has allowed to truly enjoy being an empath. I have even begun teaching my techniques as a form of meditation. I have been teaching it because I have realized that if I can get more people focused on the energy of love and teach them to fill themselves with it, well we all know energy is contagious. The simplest way to do this is to bring up every memory of love you can muster. If live has been strange to you like it has to me you may also need to do some good old fashion daydreaming and making some memories. the point is to pay attention to the way our energies shift when we feel moments of love. The more I have learned to create a working memory of that feeling I realize it is the same energy that babies give off. it is that energy that draws us to them makes us want to hold and help them. it is an energy that most of us have forgotten, and has been overshadowed by trying to understand the pain.

Well the pain is a shift in energy. To get rid of the pain all we need to do is rebalance that energy. What I have figured out is that truly balanced energy is what we call love. Or at least love is one very strong version of this energy.

However I think the problem is that in order to feel that energy we think that certain circumstances need to be met. In other words we are living backwards. No circumstances need to be met. All we need to do is focus on the energy of love. if love is a hard concept for you to find then focus on times when you felt good or like things were working out for you. get in touch with that energy and work on bring it up at will.

Since I have been doing this life has become a lot more clear. Being an empath feels like the most powerful thing in the world and it is delicious. I still feel the negative energies but they do not present themselves as my own. I am perfectly aware that this is what another person is feeling. I have been able to gather loving energy from loved ones who have passed, crystals much more easily. 

Now I suffer from major depressive disorder but I feel it leaving me more and more. I feel more loving to myself and I feel in control of my empathic abilities. I also have the feeling that this is just the beginning.

The struggles I have had with this technique include letting go of what I think life is supposed to be. Resetting how I live life, for example not living backwards and waiting for my circumstances to bring in that loving energy. To some degree I still want to understand the why of things but I already have that answer. It was the energy of fear, hate and sadness. Or what I am learning to call lost energy. Which by that I mean energy that was supposed to cycle through the earth and be cleansed but has not been allowed to do so...

Much love to you all, and don't forget to have fun. And remember if you start to feel guilty about having understand that in doing so you are healing not just yourself but everything and everyone around you.

Love, Live, and then learn,


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