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I've always been the one everyone has leaned on. Since I was 5, I have felt like it's been my responsibility to take care of everyone. This led me to get my doctorate in natural healing.

Working with severally I'll individuals has always been draining because of the fear, depression and anxiety... so I took a break and want to get back to work but I feel completely detached, not wanting to be bothered and numb. I no longer have compassion for people, let alone empathy... strange because I am an empath. I still pickup on people's energy and can feel what others are feeling if I allow myself to be open. It's one extreme or the other. I have lost my desire to help others... and I don't like feeling this way. In the last month several individuals have passed away that have been close to the family and I feel nothing.

I also have felt like certain individuals in my life know how I am and have been taking advantage of my big heart... I'm sure this isn't helping. I see people as parasites and have detached.

I have very little towards animals also, I'm assuming this is because of the animal abuse I was exposed to last year and I was unable to do anything about it until the animals were in my possession.

I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from compassion fatigue and I don't know how to deal. Currently I'm dealing with it with isolation...Any suggestions?

PS ... and I just had a baby and that seemed to push me over the edge. My emotions towards my baby and husband are intense and no one matters to me.
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Hi...well....1st thing...congrats on having your child! thought is that when pregnant and even after giving birth...a woman's energy gets added to...your carrying a child you've got many things going on...your attatched to this child by the umbilical cord AND etheric/energy cords that allow you to communicate with the child....everything you Think,feel and experience are transferred to the child and visa the hormone imbalances that can occurs etc....and even after giving birth your still connected to your child and will be you will be receiving MORE emotional energy from your child...and from your husband as well since your connected to him in the same manner. In all your dealings with sick people have you ever cut the soul ties and roots connecting you to those people?....these are the energy links that form at the energy level of our existence connecting us to other people...there are some that fall away...while others tend to stick and stay And grow roots that attached to our energy field and sounds to me you need to start clearing your energy of the build up of these probably have quite a lot draining you of vital energy and blocking energy flow which can eventually start causing physical symptoms if not taken care can also clear your child of these ties too....and when you need to you can cut the ties to your won't last or hurt...but will give you much needed rest from absorbing his energy as well...I did a major clearing from present day all the way back to my birth....I had a traumatic childhood so it's important to clear anyone connected to any traumatic events as's a big job if you haven't done it...but it will clear up any issues your experiencing up to now and hopefully balance and smooth out your energy you've had any run ins with narcessist...remove those ties asap...narcessist require instant removal as they tend to connect deeply with empaths and need to be removed manually....remove all roots as they WILL grow back and continue to drain you of energy.....physically removing yourself from them isn't enuff... you must take out all roots completely to heal your energy...
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@cara congrats on the new baby.

As far as your post is concerned it is okay to be numb sometimes. It sounds like you give a lot of yourself and that's great. But I don't think that it is necessary to give so much in order to heal. In fact from a Taoist perspective it sounds like you have mastered your role in life and can do it in your sleep.

A good example is playing a musical instrument. While playing one does not get to enjoy and dwell in the music as the audience does. Instead the musician is intently focused on all that needs to be done. In fact the musician does not actually know how the piece went until the audience responds. It's the irony of performing a duty that gives others so much joy.

Also experiencing death changes you every time. It gives us a more realistic view of life that is harsh at time but true none the less. I don't really get excited anymore. Or at least I do not realize I was excited until I think back on it later.

Long story short it sounds like you are transitioning to a new phase of life but also your empathy.
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