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3 weeks ago
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I don't know what this is called. But sometimes things pop in my head or I'll hear like a whisper of some kind in my ear. I thought this was stress related until one day, when that thought popped in my head and 10 minutes later I found it to be true!!! Basically someone got hurt at work and it was an uproar. A name came to my mind, when things settled I asked who it was that got hurt and that name was that person!!! I've never been able to validate that until now.

Today, out of nowhere, a guy I used to work with he came to mind. Few minutes later on the street I see him!

What is this called? Is it a premonition of some kind?
3 weeks ago
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Claircognizance or clear knowing. Many of us show some talent in several of the Clair abilities. I also have this, I told my wife she was pregnant both times before she knew or showed any signs. Just random stuff most of the time though. You should really look into all the Clair abilities.
Calla Lily
3 weeks ago
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Hi Tiger Lily

This type of experience was my first inclination that I had abilities. I knew when the phone was going to ring and who it was, consistently. This was before caller ID. I also get other inklings like this about events that occur within a few minutes or a day or two. :-)
3 weeks ago
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I've had lots of these type of experiences. I've even heard exact (mundane) conversations that ppl have had and asked them if it happened. Ppl are pretty shocked and uncomfortable when you seek clarification. The clearer you are as a person, eliminating the ego, non fluffy indulgences, etc the stronger it becomes.

2 weeks ago
309 posts
Uncomfortable is correct! The ego,,,hmmmmm. That explains why it comes in waves. The more I let go or surrender. The more it happens and I think I'm going crazy! And then after that it goes away, and back again.

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