I think my son can see auras

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So my son was real excited the other day and said mom I can see peoples temperature. I asked what he meant and he said in kid was red, another was yellow and one was pink. I told him how cool that was but did t want to explain what I thought he was really seeing. He also said he heard someone's thoughts apparently she was saying one thing and he was hearing something different, it sounds like she was lying. I don't know ow how to nurture this especially sense he's being so difficult for me lately.i don't see auras so I don't know much about it, and sense my mom died last year my gifts have been here one minute and gone the next. So there's just a lot going on and I'm unsure what's going on anymore.
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This sounds both exciting and nerve racking. I think the best thing is you need to worry about taking care of yourself first, do some meditation and get a little more balanced. With him, be there for him and encourage him to explore his gifts. Ask him questions about it, I've heard of some people who have intuition that strong and lost it because our world doesn't accept this. It would probably be best that he doesn't talk a bunch about it to other people, the world is cruel to people who are a little different, speaking from experience.

     I'm younger and I think the best thing I could do for you is speak from what I wish my parents had done for me through the aspect of spirituality and psychic/ intuitive gifts. The biggest and first thing would be to just care and love him first, I'm sure you already do, but make that you're priority over anything else, to look out for his best interest and what will make him happy. The second thing I think would apply for him is to encourage him to chase knowledge and spirituality (not religion). If his intuition works anything like mine, it'll go hand in hand with knowledge and grow as he learns more about the world and himself. Just help him along his journey and try to lightly push him towards books or deep conversations about things. Have a conversation about what he experiences. Ask him how he feels about it. He's likely already talked to his friends about it, and just support him. It's tough being different (as I'm sure you already know as an empath/ intuitive yourself). Really just help him embrace his gift. I would be so lost if I didnt have my intuition to guide me. Best of luck with whatever you do and your journey with him! I hope it all goes well. Everything will turn out and cheers for you with being able to work with this! I know I was a handful as a kid and I didn't have abilities like that either. 

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It is amazing to read this and also from my own experience, what I have to say is make him embrace his gifts and never doubt them.

The next step is teaching him to remain grounded. To maintain a simple balance and let him spend time with himself when he needs, or be there for him and listen and talk with him about his observations about the surrounding world. Also, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important, because it impacts one's capacities as an empath/psychic greatly, especially when young, from foods with a lot of additives to too much salt and sugar and "wild" sleeping patterns or too little water. The "banal" things at first sight, but not really banal at all.

And I definitely agree with the "trying on the whole to not tell too many people about these things he has". Society isn't the most accepting with such gifts, at all...
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Be there for him, but please keep this side of him guarded from the outside world until he is much older.

Keep him eating as clean as possible. No dyes, processed food or sugar, and LOTS of good fats from fish and nuts. Lots of water. When I don't eat well, my body tends to throw people's stuff out of proportion, and renders me unable to do anything or go anywhere. Another thing is, people like us tend to need a lot more salt, so use Himalayan salt when possible. 

If you have any questions or need advice with this particular thing, you can message me because I can see them too. I feel them first, but it's tough growing up with something like this. 

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Hi Warden

I have been wanting to reply to this post for a little while.  I am going to include some links and book recommendations for you to read.   This is a link to the subject of Aura colors and what they mean.

Aura Colors

This is one is about Indigo / Crystal people.

Indigo / Crystal People

I also suggest that you pick up a copy of Dolores Cannon's excellent book "The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth".  It will help you understand a lot about what is happening and why and that you and your son are part of the new energy that is now flooding this world.  I also suggest that you pick up a copy of "Transition Now and "The Great Shift" both by Lee Carroll who channels the Kryon series of messages which are available on YouTube.  

You are not alone in this experience of having a gifted child. 

Throw some love into the wind.


Lori Jo
Lori Jo
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This is exactly how my empathic abilities started to show themselves...through seeing auras in 10th grade. I could see everyone's auras...even those of my teachers. I could see if someone was having a good day or a bad day. My friends would ask me to read auras for them. Just allow your son's abilities to naturally develop and assure him that this is a gift that will reveal it's true potential in the future. Funny.. I can no longer see auras but my empathic tendencies have grown and evolved into other abilities.

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